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DEF CON: New tool brings back ‘domain fronting’ as ‘domain hiding’

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Last Fall a Drone Swarm Surveilled America’s Largest Nuclear Reactor — Twice

America’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission honored a document request from a UFO group — which has inadvertently revealed a very real incident last fall at America’s largest nuclear reactor in Arizona, reports Forbes: Documents gained under the Freedom of Information Act show how a number of small drones flew around a restricted area at Palo Verde…

TikTok exploring ‘all remedies’ to safeguard ‘rule of law’ in US ban

Chinese mobile app maker has condemned the Trump administration’s executive order, which it says was issued without any due process, and pledges to pursue all possible actions to ensure “the rule of law is not discarded”. …read more Source:: ZDNet

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Self-Contained Tape Loader For the ZX Spectrum

While these days we’re blessed with the magic of always-on internet connections and cloud services, back in the day software was delivered on physical media. Some of the most reviled media were data tapes, much maligned for their glacial loading times. However, the tangibility did give them some charm, and [JamHamster] decided to recreate this…

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