April, 2006

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Solaris Patching with smpatch

 You probably want to get your Solaris systems up to date. I rather like the tool smpatch.
In order to use smpatch you first need to register the system.
 You can register a system with the following procedure ( ):

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Solaris 10 Init Scripts

 In Solaris 10, Sun decided to change a lot of things. One of them is the location of init scripts. Now /etc/rc?.d/script and /etc/init.d/script is no longer valid for most of the services.
Sun  changed all these "legacy" paths in order to perform faster boot process, as many init scripts can now initialized in parallel and introduces the Service Management Framework.
SMF (The Service Management Framework) is Solaris 10’s replacement for the aged sysV init.

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SNMP MRTG for Windows

 SNMP MRTG for Windows HowTo is a guideline to install and see some performance metrics from windows nodes through mrtg.
Internet is full of great guides for Linux/Routers/UNIX mrtg integrations
On the other hand, there aren’t many performance metric tools for windows. In this example we will see how we can see / create some CPU / processes running / network performance metrics in windows 2000/2003.

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Ubuntu dual monitor using nvidia and s3

ImageIn order to have a dual monitor in ubuntu, using nvidia (pci express in my case) and s3 (pci), you have to do the following. In my case, i also use features such as english-greek keyboard switch and 7-button mouse (back/forward keys for firefox). Working system is an ubuntu breezer for amd64.

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