Day: August 30, 2013

Kindle refund more than doubles in e-book settlement

Amazon says customers who previously purchased books from the publishers involved in the Apple e-book settlement are estimated to receive between $0.73 to $3.82 per Kindle book…….

CoreText bug may crash OS X and iOS apps

A flaw in Apple’s text-handling routines may cause a number of OS X and iOS programs and services to crash and could be used for potential nefarious purposes…….

Will Robots Replace Rent-a-Cops?

Daniel_Stuckey writes “Now, an EU-funded, £7.2 million ($11 million USD) collaborative project, called Strands, is underway in England to develop 4D, artificial intelligence for security and care applications. It aims to produce intelligent robo-sentinels that can patrol areas, and learn to detect abnormalities in human behavior. Could their project eventually replace security guards with robots?…

Microsoft takes second run at platform cloud

Windows Server 2012 R2 tries to rehabilitate PaaS tech……

Minas Gerais kicks off multimillion-dollar tech startup program

Initiative will see the acceleration of 120 early-stage ventures by the end of 2014……

Options for checking free hard-drive space in OS X

Running low on disk space can greatly slow down your computer. Here are several ways to look this up on your system…….

Microsoft, Google to sue over FISA gag order

Google and Microsoft plan to sue the government, demanding the right to publicly discuss any surveillance requests served up by the FISA court…….

Microsoft Internet Explorer Protected Mode Sandbox Bypass

VUPEN Vulnerability Research Team discovered a critical vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer. The vulnerability is caused by a memory corruption error in the IE broker process when copying certain data, which could be exploited by remote attackers to bypass IE Protected Mode sandbox and execute arbitrary code with Medium integrity permissions…….

Microsoft and Google Challenge US Government Gag Orders

First time accepted submitter ace37 writes “Microsoft says it plans to move ahead with a lawsuit filed against the U.S. government in June to affirm the right of businesses to disclose limited information about government demands for data made under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). In separate legal filings, Microsoft and Google challenged the…

6 Android tablet apps to help get you in the back-to-school spirit

Heading back to school with a shiny-new Android tablet in your backpack? These six apps might be just what you need…….