Day: September 15, 2013

Ninefold preps new infrastructure to help roll out Rails

Oz cloud co expands into Europe and North America……

Keeping your Red Hat Enterprise Linux current

If you want the newest of the new open-source software, you use Fedora Linux, but if you use Red Hat Enterprise Linux in your business, you had to wait for major releases… until now…….

Mitsuku Chatbot Wins Loebner Prize 2013

mikejuk writes “The final round of the 23rd annual Loebner Prize competition took place in Londonderry, Northern Ireland with four chatbots hoping to convince four judges that they were humans. Mitsuku, a chatbot that is kept busy chatting to people around the world, was awarded this year’s bronze medal. Mitsuku’s botmaster, Steve Worswick, used to…

Optus looks to fill the Coalition’s NBN gap

As the Coalition seems set on changing the NBN to fibre to the node, Optus has said it is open to a variety of options to connect customers from the node to the premises…….

As Australia steps aside, who will pick up the broadband torch?

Australia has a new government, so its days rolling out the biggest fibre-to-the-home network are numbered as it moves to fibre to the node. Where will a world leader in broadband come from next?……

Toronto Family Bans All Technology In Their Home Made After 1986

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes “Mary Am Shah reports in the Toronto Sun that 26-year-old Blair McMillan has banned any technology in his house post-1986, the year he and his girlfriend Morgan were born. They’re doing it because their kids – Trey, 5, and Denton, 2 – wouldn’t look up from their parents’ iPhones and…

When will Samsung go 64-bit?

Oh yeah, Samsung will do 64-bit chip too. But don’t expect to see a 64-bit Galaxy product shipping next month…….

NSA Chief Built Star Trek Like Command Center

Bruce66423 writes “As the NSA scandal moves from appalling to laughable, the latest report in the Guardian indicates that the current NSA chief spent US taxpayers’ money to create a command center for his intelligence operations that was styled just like Star Trek. From the PBS News Hour report: ‘When he was running the Army’s…

Dialing Back the Alarm On Climate Change

An anonymous reader writes “A leaked copy of a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has made the rounds and the good news is that the predicted temperature rise expected as a result of man-made emissions of carbon dioxide is lower than predicted in 2007. From the article: ‘Admittedly, the change is…

Sprint preps ‘One Up,’ its own early upgrade program

Sprint One Up allows customers to pay for their devices in monthly installments and upgrade after one year, CNET has learned…….