Day: September 20, 2013

The other side of the iPhone line: Homeless people left unpaid

Outside the Pasadena Apple store, some homeless people claim a businessman failed to pay them for standing in line on his behalf…….

Amazon “Unlaunches” Postpones $100,000 Civic Apps Contest For AWS

reifman writes “In an unusual move, Amazon abruptly pulled the plug on its $100,000 Civic Apps contest for AWS, redirecting contestants to the AWS government site. All entrants through October 15th were to receive a $50 AWS credit. Amazon AWS PR says they, ‘…accidentally pushed this out early, but please stay tuned for more information…

Guest browsing coming to Android Firefox

Mozilla preps the beta version of Firefox for Android with security and usability features, while the dev build of Firefox for desktop Linux finally gets H.264 support…….

USAF Almost Nuked North Carolina In 1961 – Declassified Document

Freshly Exhumed sends in a story about how close the United States came to accidentally attacking itself with nuclear weapons just a few days after John F. Kennedy took office. “A secret document, published in declassified form for the first time by the Guardian today, reveals that the U.S. Air Force came dramatically close to…

Apple’s new iPhones draw record crowds, but how about sales?

Apple’s new iPhone is believed to have brought in record crowds for an opening weekend, though it’s unclear whether Apple will top last year’s 5 million phones sold…….

Google tests new music video search results

Music videos are a big deal on YouTube, and Google might be making them much bigger in Search results, too…….

NSA job post for ‘Civil Liberties Privacy Officer’ goes live

The scandal surrounding the US National Security Agency is no laughing matter, of course. But it’s hard not to look for telling lines in the agency’s new job listing…….

Tales from the iPhone line in Atlantic City

I got up at the ungodly hour of 3:00 am this morning to go to the Apple Store in Atlantic City in an attempt to get a gold iPhone 5s. Here is my story…….

BlackBerry Confirms 4,500 Job Cuts, Warns of $950 Million Loss

An anonymous reader writes “Today BlackBerry announced that it expects its quarterly net operating losses to be somewhere between $950 million and $995 million. It also confirmed earlier reports that it would be cutting 4,500 jobs, roughly 40% of its total workforce. ‘The loss is mainly the result of a write-off of unsold BlackBerry phones,…

The Computer Orchestra lets you play conductor

Is this what the symphony of the future will look like? A crowdsourced project turns computers into “screen musicians” that can be collectively conducted through body movement…….