Day: September 25, 2013

In spite of its flaws, iOS 7 is very cool

Although there are a few problems with iOS 7, I’d say it’s a success. I like it. I like that it has some Metro-esque qualities and a few Androidy things about it. But there’s one feature that’s my very favorite: AirDrop…….

Vatican: Jesus did Twitter before Twitter did Twitter

A Vatican cardinal insists that it wasn’t Jack Dorsey, but Jesus Christ who invented the short, pithy message…….

Judge Orders Patent Troll To Explain Its ‘Mr. Sham’ To Jury

netbuzz writes “Judge William Alsup of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California has no problem calling Network Protection Sciences (NPS) a patent troll. What he does have a problem with is NPS telling a Texas court that NPS had an ‘ongoing business concern’ in that state run by a ‘director of…

T-Mobile yanks BlackBerry phone stock from retail shops

Days after the beleaguered smartphone maker announces that it’s in talks for a buyout, T-Mobile stops stocking its shelves with BlackBerry smartphones…….

Krebs: Lexis-Nexis, D B and Kroll hacked

Data-stealing botnet found in aggregators’ services……

Valve getting into gaming consoles with Steam Machine debut

Seeding 300 beta machines to members with enough friends……

First carbon nanotube computer to help extend Moore’s Law?

Stanford researchers have created a basic system that shuns silicon in favor of imperfect lines of carbon atoms that could one day deliver even more performance and efficiency than current technology…….

Twitter scores ad deal with NFL

Are you ready for some football tweets? The NFL will promote ad-supported highlights and other clips throughout the season…….

Twitter Launches Emergency Alerts

wiredmikey writes “Twitter on Wednesday launched a system for emergency alerts which can help spread critical information when other lines of communication are down. Twitter Alerts are designed to help communicate in natural disasters or other emergencies when traditional channels may be overloaded or unavailable. ‘We know from our users how important it is to…

What to do when an external display isn’t showing full resolution in OS X

There are several reasons why a monitor may not show output at its native resolution…….