Day: October 2, 2013

Bosses respond to the dancing YouTube quitter

Staff at the former company of Marina Shifrin, the woman who danced her resignation, respond on YouTube (by dancing and taking their pants off). Were they all told to dance or else?……

Google acquires hand-gesture interface startup Flutter

App uses built-in Web cams to detect hand gestures, allowing users to control the playback of music and video with the swipe of a hand…….

Cerberus reportedly mulling a run at BlackBerry

The smartphone maker is said to have held talks with firms specializing in “distressed investing” including Cerberus Capital Management LP…….

Researchers Show How Easy It Is To Manipulate Online Opinions

jcatcw writes “A recent study shows that a single random up-vote, randomly chosen, created a herding behavior in ratings that resulted in a 25% increase in the ratings but the negative manipulation had no effect. An intuitive explanation for this asymmetry is that we tend to go along with the positive opinions of others, but…

US federal agents shut down Silk Road website

American authorities say they have busted an online black market for drugs, hitmen, hacker tools, and more, arresting the suspected mastermind of a nefarious bazaar called Silk Road…….

Google acquiring gesture recognition tech startup Flutter

Naturally, Google’s new purchase has everyone buzzing about whether or not the new tech is going into everything from the Nexus 5 to Glass…….

Cray turns cluster crank with ScaleMP

New products for memory deprived datacenter set……

Pivotal pivots with Xtreme Labs acquisition

Sons of VMware remember mobile devices, buy consulting firm……

DJ turns Leap Motion into a theremin (sort of)

Tokyo-based indie developer, musician, and DJ Aliceffekt has recorded an album using the Leap Motion Controller as his primary instrument…….

LG preps curved display smartphone, the G Flex

Samsung isn’t the only company planning a smartphone with a curved display. LG will likely unveil the device in November, CNET has learned, although plans are not yet final…….