Day: October 6, 2013

Sparks fly as Telecom NZ unveils 4G, spectrum bid, rebrand

700MHz spectrum, ideal to deliver 4G data in rural areas, expected to be auctioned in October…….

ZDNetGovWeek: The government shutdown blues, Facebook users get vocal, and more

We’ve got a lot of top stories this week, beginning with the American government’s shutdown of the American government. For that, and more than the usual level of government fun and outrage, read on…….

Slashdot Asks: How Does the US Gov’t Budget Crunch Affect You?

The partial government shut-down that the U.S. is experiencing right now is about to enter its second week. Various government functions and services have been disrupted (including some web sites, whether it’s a good idea or not), and lots of workers on the Federal payroll have been furloughed. But since the U.S. government is involved…

Why the FAA May Finally Relax In-Flight Device Rules

Nick Bilton at the New York Times has been writing skeptically for years about the FAA’s ban on even the most benign electronic devices during takeoff and landing on commercial passenger flights. He writes in the NYT’s Bits column about the gradual transformation that may (real soon now) result in slightly more sensible rules; a…

How tech’s giants lost the tablet and smartphone war, even if they don’t know it yet

The Kindle Fire, iPhone, and Samsung S4 show how upstarts have outpaced and out thought the dinosaurs of enterprise tech. The big question now is whether there can be any way back…….

An appreciation for the Nexus 4, the little smartphone that could

The Nexus 4 proved that you could offer a great smartphone with a fantastic off-contract price. Will the Nexus 5 continue that welcome trend?……

No Love From Ars For Samsung’s New Smart Watch

Despite the number of companies shipping or promising them, smart watches aren’t the easiest sell, and Ars Technica’s review of Samsung’s entry illustrates why. Despite all the processing power inside, the watch is “sluggish” even for the kind of at-a-glance convenience features that are touted as the reason to have a phone tethered to an…

Google Cracks Down On Mugshot Blackmail Sites

Google is apparently displeased with sites designed to extract money from arrestees in exchange for removing their mugshot pictures online, and is tweaking its algorithms to at least reduce their revenue stream. From the article at The New York Times: “It was only a matter of time before the Internet started to monetize humiliation. ……

Microsoft Surface selling out? We’ve seen this movie before

Microsoft claims its Surface tablet is selling out. That should give pause to anyone who remembers the first-generation Surface debacle…….

Samsung shrieks: Captain Kirk, Fred Flintstone talked to watches

A new ad trying to make the poorly reviewed Galaxy Gear somehow relevant, features Captain Kirk, and a host of other watch-talkers throughout entertainment history…….