Day: October 8, 2013

Car Dealers vs the Web: GM Shifts Toward Online Purchasing

cartechboy writes “Car dealers may be in for a new battle, and it turns out existing car manufacturers are joining the fun. Tesla Motors began the rebellion by trying to sell electric cars directly to buyers. Car dealers have fought that effort state-by-state and even complained to the DMV about Tesla’s website. But things just…

The Bitterness Eliminating Coffee Maker makes it OK to skip the sugar

The Bitterness Eliminating Coffee Maker heats water to a consistent temperature. Pouring evenly heated very hot water over coffee grounds can help to reduce coffee’s bitter taste…….

Silk Road drug busts multiply, eight new people arrested

A handful of alleged drug dealers that hawked their goods on the online black market bazaar have been arrested in the US, UK, and Sweden…….

AWS’ Glacier and RedShift creep into to Australia

Latency matters for data deep freezes? Who knew?……

The Ridiculous Tech Fees You’re Still Paying

Esther Schindler writes “None of us like to spend money (except on shiny new toys). But even we curmudgeons can understand that companies need to charge for things that cost them money; and profit-making is at the heart of our economy. Still, several charges appear on our bills that can drive even the most complacent…

Earth to Google: Chromebooks still aren’t mainstream


Australians worry more about privacy now

Worried about who’s snooping on your data? You’re not alone, according to a survey by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner…….

VidiScript 1.0.3a Cross Site Scripting

VidiScript version 1.0.3a suffers from persistent cross site scripting vulnerabilities…….

DisplaySearch: Apple readying phablet, Retina MacBook Air

Research note predicts iPhone could get both 4.7- and 5.7-inch screens. Also likely on tap: high-resolution iWatch and Retina MacBook Air…….

SEC asks Affiliated Computer Services to step aside, snaps on rubber glove

Xerox exec, 2 others receive Wells notices……