Day: October 10, 2013

Fusion Breakthrough At National Ignition Facility? Not So Fast

sciencehabit writes “One unintended effect of the U.S. federal shutdown is that helpful press officers at government labs are not available to provide a reality check to some of the wilder stories that can catch fire on the Internet. They would have come in handy this week, when a number of outlets jumped on a…

CBA: Industry got contactless payments rollout wrong

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) explains why contactless payment technology has been so slow to gain traction in Australia…….

Next MINI Cooper to feature HUD, automatic parking

2014 Mini Cooper hardtop will be available with an array of driver safety and convenience features when it debuts in Los Angeles later this year…….

Toyota rolling out near-autonomous cars in five years

Toyota announced two safety systems today, Automated Highway Driving Assist and Pedestrian-avoidance Steer Assist, autonomous car technologies it expects to go into production cars mid-decade…….

Excessive wind bothers solar racers’ rear ends

The winners bask as 14 teams battle the desert……

Make use of the clipboard for OS X commands

OS X includes Terminal commands that can pipe and retrieve data from the clipboard…….

Largest US Power Storing Solar Array Goes Live

Lucas123 writes “A solar power array that covers three square miles with 3,200 mirrored parabolic collectors went live this week, creating enough energy to power 70,000 homes in Arizona. The Solana Solar Power Plant, located 70 miles southwest of Phoenix, was built at a cost of $2 billion, and financed in large part by a…

Super Mario fully playable online using HTML5

Full Screen Mario gives you the game, but also lets you create your own levels online…….

Pinterest creates exclusive Android widget for Telefonica

The pinning social network could get millions of new users with a widget to be featured on the home screen of Telefonica smartphones and tablets…….

Google reveals the state of its quantum lab

The multiverse, physicist Richard Feynman, lobsters, and quantum tunneling all make appearances in Google’s new short film about its Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab…….