Day: October 16, 2013

Swartz-Designed Whistleblower Tool SecureDrop Launched

An anonymous reader writes in with news about a new tool for whistleblowers/ “The ‘strongest-ever’ whistleblowing tool for sources to speak anonymously with journalists, partly developed by the late Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz, has been launched by the Freedom of The Press Foundation. Before his suicide in January 2013, Swartz had been working on a…

Hadoop 2 stampedes onto world’s mega compute clusters

‘A great success story for the open source methedology’……

Drone captures SpaceX Grasshopper hitting 2,400 feet

A hexacopter filmed the rocket from above — then below — when it hit a new all-time high…….

Vast meteorite pulled from Russian lake, breaks up

It’s half a ton big and it came from outer space. At least that’s what Russian scientists say. Yet when they try to weigh it, it breaks into pieces…….

More misery for Windows XP users: Google to pull Chrome support in 2015

We’ll show you the love Microsoft won’t … by offering a whole extra year of bug fixes……

Most Parents Allow Unsupervised Internet Access To Children At Age 8

colinneagle writes “The timing for this study is interesting, given the arrests of two teenagers believed to have bullied a 12-year-old classmate until she committed suicide, but Microsoft found that 94% of parents said they allow their kids unsupervised access to at least one device or online service like email or social networks. The average…

DNA analysis uncovers genetic errors behind 12 major cancers

Scientists at Washington University in St. Louis say it may someday be possible to perform a single test to screen for a wide range of cancer types…….

eBay execs defend Braintree deal in face of weak Q4 outlook

The end goal for eBay, according to CEO John Donahoe, is to build a digital “payments OS.”……

‘Please, steal my phone’ TV ads by T-Mobile US slammed by legal eagles

Violent robberies NOT funny, ‘more than tasteless’, attorneys insist……

Flip your iPhone 5C case to play virtual Connect Four

Flipcase, which uses the new iPhone 5C’s punched case, hits the iTunes store. Just tap the holes to place your pieces…….