Day: October 17, 2013

Optus refunds customers for two-year coding error

Users of the Optus SurePage service will be refunded for a billing error that existed between July 2011 and September 2013…….

An aesthete’s take on iOS 7: Ive’s Webified interface jumble

Jony Ive may have abandoned skeuomorphism for the minimalist and over-white design of iOS 7, but his over-reliance on distracting, inconsistent text commands has compromised the usability and coherence of the new mobile platform…….

Apple can read your iMessages, security firm says

French security firm says communication sent over Apple’s iMessage can be decrypted, despite what the company said earlier this year…….

Printable Smart Labels Tell You When the Milk’s Gone Bad

chicksdaddy writes “Security Ledger brings news that the Norwegian firm, ThinFilm has successfully tested a printable electronics component that it claims is the first, fully-functional ‘smart’ label. The company claims its disposable Smart Sensor Label can track the temperature of perishable goods and is a ‘complete closed system built from printed and organic electronics.’ Smart…

Oracle Portal Demo Organization Chart PL/SQL Injection

Oracle Portal Demo Organization Chart suffers from multiple remote PL/SQL injection vulnerabilities…….

Ubuntu 13.10 lands on desktops, servers, and (er, some) phones

Release hailed as ‘milestone in computing history’……

Apple’s touch-screen patent upheld by US patent office

So-called “Steve Jobs patent” reaffirmed after the patent office invalidated all 20 claims in the patent last December…….

Selfies get their own gallery in London

A new installation pays homage to the selfie, the latest medium in a long artistic heritage of self-portraiture…….

How Science Goes Wrong

dryriver sends this article from the Economist: “A simple idea underpins science: ‘trust, but verify’. Results should always be subject to challenge from experiment. That simple but powerful idea has generated a vast body of knowledge. Since its birth in the 17th century, modern science has changed the world beyond recognition, and overwhelmingly for the…

Microweber 0.8 Arbitrary File Deletion

Microweber version 0.8 suffers from an arbitrary, unauthenticated file deletion vulnerability…….