Day: October 24, 2013

Autonomous Cars Will Save Money and Lives

cartechboy writes “Autonomous cars are coming even if tech companies have to produce them. The biggest hurdles are the technology (very expensive and often still surprisingly rudimentary) and how vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communication happens (one car anticipates or sees an accident, it should tell nearby cars). So what are the benefits to self-driving cars?…

Amazon’s cloud cash pile dwarfs Microsoft and Rackspace’s best efforts

You just won’t believe how many people love Jeff’s Virtualization Palace……

Tweetbot 3 for iPhone gets redesigned and a rise in price

Drawing from iOS 7’s new design with rainbowed colors and jumpy icons, the popular Twitter client app revamps its look and hikes up its price to $2.99…….

2 keyboards for iPad Air: ZAGGkeys Folio and ZAGGkeys Cover

We told you it wouldn’t be long until keyboards arrived for the iPad Air and these two look pretty nice…….

A month on, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, 10.1 worth the price?

What’s it like using the Galaxy Note tablet and smartphone’s stylus for four weeks? Pretty good, actually…….

Nokia Lumia 2520 vs. Microsoft Surface 2: Do we need two Windows RT tablets?

With Microsoft’s Surface 2 now released and Nokia’s Lumia 2520 on the horizon, we thought now would be a good time to compare the only two new Windows RT tablets…….

easyXDM 2.4.16 Cross Site Scripting

easyXDM library versions 2.4.16 and below suffer from cross site scripting and parameter injection vulnerabilities…….

Fighting Paralysis With Electricity

the_newsbeagle writes “In spinal cord injuries, the brain’s commands can’t reach the lower body — so in a ground-breaking experiment at the University of Louisville, researchers are providing artificial commands via electrodes implanted in the spine. The first paralyzed people to try out the tech have already been able to stand on their own, and…

Turning a corner? Microsoft says Surface sales more than 2x prior quarter

After unevent start, Microsoft appears to be resolving execution issues which held back a more successful rollout of its tablet computer…….

Amazon says Fresh service bolstering other orders

While it’s not providing any figures — as usual — Amazon says it already sees an increase in the sales of other items as a result of its grocery delivery service…….