Day: October 28, 2013

Web Literacy Standard Announced By Mozilla

An anonymous reader writes “Doug Belshaw and Carla Casilli, along with a community of stakeholders, have been working on a specification of skills needed for web literacy. Doug report that Brett Gaylor and Chris Lawrence announced version 1.0 of the spec. In a nutshell it’s described as ‘A map of the territory for the skills…

Samsung tops Apple for global smartphone shipments

Reaching record highs, a total of 250 million smartphones are shipped worldwide in the third quarter — and Samsung carried a whopping 35 percent of this marketshare…….

British Man Accused Of Hacking Into US Government Systems

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12-Year-Old Admits To Hacking Govt Sites For Anonymous

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Buffer Hack Spews Spam On Twitter And Facebook

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AI Company Claims To Have Beaten CAPTCHA

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Ubuntu’s Mark Shuttleworth Wins Austria’s Big Brother Award

sfcrazy writes “Austria’s Big Brother Awards awarded the coveted Big Brother Award to Ubuntu’s founder Mark Shuttleworth for Ubuntu Dash’s privacy reducing online extensions to local searches.” From the article: “What’s bad here and raises question here is that despite repeated requests Canonical refused to make the tracking option opt-in. The feature is installed and…

Taiwan approves the first Chinese smartphone brand operator offering services directly

The Taiwanese government gave a green light to a Chinese investment project, proposed by a Hong Kong firm, to buy out a Taiwanese company selling Chinese Xiaomi brand smartphones domestically…….

Pediatricians: Limit kids’ media use to 2 hours a day

American Academy of Pediatrics also tells parents to discourage any screen time for children 2 and younger and keep Internet-connected devices out of kids’ bedrooms…….

Spain demands details of US eavesdropping

Spain has demanded details of reported mass US eavesdropping on its citizens, denouncing the alleged surveillance as ‘inappropriate and unacceptable’ as outrage spreads over the worldwide espionage program…….