Day: October 30, 2013

Phone Calls More Dangerous Than Malware To Companies

dinscott writes “During Social Engineer Capture the Flag contest, one of the most prominent and popular annual events at DEF CON 21, a pool of 10 men and 10 women, from diverse backgrounds and experience levels, tested their social engineering abilities against 10 of the biggest global corporations, including Apple, Boeing, Exxon, General Dynamics and…

NSA says nope to spying on pope

The agency says in a statement that a report in an Italian magazine that it “has targeted” the Vatican is false…….

Facebook certifies less than 10 percent of third-party devs

Want to be a third-party developer on Facebook? Prepare to duke it out with plenty of others…….

Taiwan demands Apple amend map app over its inclusion under China

The Taiwanese government has expressed concerns over a mistake made by Apple on its new map app, which wrongly lists the island country as a province of China, demanding a correction as soon as possible…….

Apple working on a fix for new Retina MacBook input issues

Apple says it knows of, and is working on a fix for a keyboard and trackpad issue on its new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display…….

Cloud causing CFO-CIO stormy relationships?

Toll’s head of finance says so far so good, but CFOs will call more cloud and SaaS procurement shots…….

Windows Azure Compute cloud goes TITSUP all across THE WORLD

Looks like a distributed system, breaks like a single tenant……

Kepler-78b: The Earth-Like Planet That Shouldn’t Exist

astroengine writes “Kepler-78b may be an exoplanet notable for being approximately Earth-sized and likely possessing a rocky surface plus iron core, but that’s where any similarity to our planet ends. It has an extremely tight orbit around sun-like star Kepler-78, completing one ‘year’ in only 8.5 hours. It orbits so close in fact that the…

‘Dark Mail Alliance’ looks to create user-friendly e-mail encryption

The founders of shuttered e-mail services Silent Mail and Lavabit — the latter used by NSA leaker Edward Snowden — want to bring easy-to-use, snoop-proof e-mail to everyone…….

Google Glass accessories on the way: shades, shields, earbuds

The tech giant adds new information to its Glass Explorers forum about shade and shield partners, how charging and earbuds work, swapping out the device frames, and more…….