Month: November 2013

Apple’s iPad Air launch met with low repairability score

The tablet received a score of 2 out of 10 from iFixit, putting it just head of the Surface 2, which received a 1 out of 10…….

Apple: SCREW YOU, BRITS … no unlocked iPhones for you

Tech Data to flog SIM-lock-free mobes in Europe but not Blighty……

Tech firm mobs kick off massive patent slapfest over Nortel IP

Apple, Microsoft and chums train guns on Google, Samsung et al……

Q&A: Birchbox’s CTO on the beauty secrets of scaling a global startup

The journey for that shiny box under the tree often starts with decisions made in the IT office…….

Number-crunching quant cooks up gambling machine, promises untold RICHES

Can 50,000 match simulations turn you into a winner?……

Dirty little secret about tablets: The platforms are basically equal

Tablet enthusiasts will argue that their platform of choice is far better than the others, but experience shows that’s not really the case…….

Just how tough are Dell’s ruggedized notebooks?

Do you need a notebook that can take pretty much anything you can throw at it, or for that matter, throw it at? Yes? Then Dell’s Latitude E6420 XFR might be the notebook for you…….

Whistleblower Snowden may testify against the NSA in Germany

The NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden may stand as a witness against the US intelligence service in a German parliamentary investigation into mass surveillance by the agency…….

iPad Air vs. Retina iPad Mini: Which tablet is right for you?

The iPad Air is here. The new iPad Mini will follow later this month. But how can you choose between two tablets with nearly identical specs?……

Kixeye moves to mobile, shows free-to-play done right

The social game developer’s first title for iOS — Backyard: Monsters Unleashed — comes at a time when its browser and mobile-based games are becoming too big, and too good, to ignore…….