October, 2017

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Facebook, Google: We’re committed to fighting Russian meddling – CNET

Execs from Facebook, Google and Twitter tell lawmakers what the companies are doing to ensure Russians and other foreign entities don’t use their sites to influence future US elections. …read more

Source:: CNet

Shot on iPhone X: Apple’s latest camera hits the streets – CNET

We took Apple’s newest iPhone, X out and about to see what’s new with the (increasingly powerful) camera in your pocket. …read more

Source:: CNet

iPhone X: You have questions, we have answers – CNET

We asked for your iPhone X questions on Twitter — and you asked some great ones. Here are the answers, based on our time with the phone so far. …read more

Source:: CNet

Razer’s gamer phone leaks with big RAM and battery – CNET

The rumored phone appears on a retailer’s website. …read more

Source:: CNet

A closer look at the first ‘alien’ asteroid to pay us a visit – CNET

What could be the first interstellar object ever seen dropped by and then sped back to deep space. Scientists rushed to study it as it passed. …read more

Source:: CNet

Harrison Ford convinced Mark Hamill to return to Star Wars – CNET

Hamill says his co-star saved him from becoming “the most hated man in nerd-dom” by talking him into doing the new films. …read more

Source:: CNet

A draft US law to secure election computers that isn’t braindead. Well, I’m stunned! I gotta lie down

Some good ideas sneak into the Senate

A law bill has been introduced to the US Senate designed to safeguard American elections from hacking by miscreants or manipulation by Russian or other foreign agents.…

…read more

Source:: TheRegister

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds hits Xbox One on Dec. 12 – CNET

The insanely viral PC hit will soon arrive on Xbox. …read more

Source:: CNet

Ford Focus RS gets the world’s first electronic handbrake – Roadshow

Ford Performance debuts Drift Stick at SEMA to make getting sideways even easier. …read more

Source:: CNet

2018 BMW M3 30 Years American Edition can be yours for $128K – Roadshow

Special one-of-one M3 celebrates three decades of M3 in the US. …read more

Source:: CNet

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