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2018 Nissan Leaf aces European NCAP crash test with a five-star rating – Roadshow

The new Leaf is safe as can be, according to European standards — with US testing still to come. …read more

Source:: CNet

Keep or kill: Do the MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iPod Touch have a future? – CNET

Commentary: Some of Apple’s most beloved (and least expensive) products haven’t been updated in years. We list the reasons they’re on thin ice — and suggest how they can be saved. …read more

Source:: CNet

Inside the new United Airlines Polaris business class – CNET

United Airlines opens its second Polaris lounge today at San Francisco International Airport. Take a tour and step aboard the new business-class cabin on a Boeing 777. …read more

Source:: CNet

Chinese Government Admits Collection of Deleted WeChat Messages

The South China Morning Post reported over the weekend that Chinese authorities have the capability of retrieving deleted messages from the WeChat app. The newspaper noted that an anti-corruption commission in Hefei province posted Saturday to social media that it has “retrieved a series of deleted WeChat conversations from a subject” as part of an investigation. TechCrunch reports: The post was deleted Sunday, but not before many had seen it and understood the ramifications. Tencent, which operates the WeChat service used by nearly a billion people (including myself), explained in a statement that “WeChat does not store any chat histories — they are only stored on users’ phones and computers.” The technical details of this storage were not disclosed, but it seems clear from the commission’s post that they are accessible in some way to interested authorities, as many have suspected for years. The app does, of course, comply with other government requirements, such as censoring certain topics.

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of this story at Slashdot.

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Justice Dept. opposes AT&T-Time Warner deal one last time – CNET

AT&T also makes its closing arguments Monday in the month-long antitrust trial over the megamerger, which could reshape the TV industry and set the stage for future media mergers. …read more

Source:: CNet

USB Sticks Can Trigger BSOD – Even on a Locked Device

Thanks to auto-play, it’s possible to crash Windows systems by simply inserting the drive into the USB port, no further user interaction necessary. …read more

Source:: Threatpost

New on Netflix in May 2018: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt returns for its fourth season – CNET

The excellent comedy from the minds of Tina Fey and Robert Carlock headlines Netflix’s May lineup. …read more

Source:: CNet

KRACK Vulnerability Puts Medical Devices At Risk

A slew of products from medical dispensing company BD are susceptible to the KRACK vulnerability disclosed last fall. …read more

Source:: Threatpost

Akamai posts strong first quarter results

Akamai saw strong growth it its Web division, with revenue up 16 percent from a year ago. …read more

Source:: ZDNet

This Dust Collector Will Blow You Away.

As [Marius Hornberger] was working in his woodshop, a thunderous bang suddenly rocked the space. A brief search revealed the blower for the dust collector had shifted several inches despite being stoutly fastened down. Turns out, the blower had blown itself up when one of the impeller fins came loose. Time to revise and build a bigger, better dust collector!

[Hornberger] is thorough in describing his process, the video series chronicles where he went astray in his original design and how he’s gone about improving on those elements. For instance, the original impeller had six fins which meant fewer points to bear the operating stresses as well as producing an occasionally uncomfortable drone. MDF wasn’t an ideal material choice here either, contributing to the failure of the part.

Learning a lesson from this ordeal, the new blower housing uses .8mm piece of galvanized steel for its strength in case of another accident — the original’s plywood was solid enough to keep the destruction contained, but no sense in taking chances this time around. Fortunately, the original motor hadn’t been damaged during the accident, so he was able to reuse it after making a new shaft key — brass isn’t as durable as you might want for heavy use. A few other design elements were also carried over from the previous setup — such as packing foam bushings and mounting techniques — since they didn’t break and were in no want of fixing. He also rebuilt the filter box to accommodate for the larger airflow volume, and incorporated dozens of other details that are worth watching to find out.

It’s a real treat to watch [Hornberger] show off his fastidious woodworking talent in bringing this project together. For more of his superb work, check out this scissor lift table he built to help him around the shop!

[Thanks for the tip, Keith!]

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Source:: Hackaday

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