April, 2018

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Amazing photos taken on the Samsung Galaxy S9 – CNET

These beautiful photos were all taken with the same model of smartphone. …read more

Source:: CNet

Virgin Hyperloop One wants to cut 4-day cargo truck journeys to 16 hours – CNET

Virgin Hyperloop One and trade logistics company DP World have created a new cargo brand “built for an on-demand world.” …read more

Source:: CNet

NASA astronauts break out guitars for ISS space jam – CNET

NASA astronauts and Russian cosmonauts get out guitars and flutes on the ISS to rock out as a band called “AstroHawaii.” …read more

Source:: CNet

Supreme Court to dig into Google’s legal deal over dodgy data use

Lawyers under fire for giving class-action funds to favorites

A dodgy deal cooked up between Google and the lawyers that successful sued it for violating user privacy is heading to the US Supreme Court.…

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Source:: TheRegister

President Trump tried to say ‘You’re hired’ to Bill Gates – CNET

The president reportedly offered Microsoft’s co-founder the position of White House science adviser. …read more

Source:: CNet

Universal Quick-Release Bar Clamps

The typical hacker can never say no to more tools. And when it comes to clamps, one just can’t have enough of them. From holding small PCB’s to clamping together large sheets of plywood, you need a variety of sizes and quantities. So it would be pretty neat if we could just 3D print them whenever needed. [Mgx3d] has done that by designing 3D printable bar clamp jaws with a quick release mechanism that can be used with standard T-slot aluminum extrusion. This allows you to create ad-hoc bar clamps of any size and length quickly.

The design consists of two pieces – the jaw and its quick release lever, and does not require any additional parts or fasteners for assembly. Both pieces can be easily 3D printed without supports. The quick release lever is a simple eccentric cam design which locks the jaw in place by pushing down on the extrusion. The design is parametric and can be easily customized for different sizes, either in OpenSCAD or via the online customizer. The online customizer supports Misumi 15 mm and 20 mm extrusion, 1″ 1010-S and 20 mm 20-2020 from 80/20 Inc., 15 mm from OpenBeam and 10 mm from MicroRax. But it ought to be easy to create fresh designs in OpenSCAD. Check out the video after the break to see the bar-clamps in action.

If you’d like to start equipping your shop with more 3D printed tools, look no further. We’ve featured many types over the years, such as the StickVise and its Gooseneck System, this 3D printed rubber band PCB Vise, and even a 3D printed Mini-Lathe.

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Source:: Hackaday

Facebook furiously pumps brakes on Euro deep probe into trans-Atlantic data slurping

Let’s slow down the wheels of justice some more, eh, Zuck?

Facebook today appealed the Irish High Court’s decision to pass the web giant’s legal battle with Max Schrems over privacy rights to the European Union’s top court.…

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Source:: TheRegister

Logan Paul drops daily YouTube vlogs, but sticks around – CNET

YouTube star Logan Paul announces a big change to his video-posting habits in typically frenetic fashion. …read more

Source:: CNet

‘Red Alert’ Protest For Net Neutrality Starts May 9

Net neutrality activists and websites like Etsy, Tumblr, Postmates, Foursquare and Twilio will post “red alerts” starting May 9 to protest the FCC’s effort to roll back Obama-era net neutrality protections. From a report: This latest protest, announced Monday, is set to coincide with the next step in an ongoing process in the Senate to use the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to halt the Federal Communications Commission’s repeal of the 2015 net neutrality rules. On May 9, senators will present a petition to force a vote on a resolution to undo the FCC’s net neutrality rollback. The CRA gives Congress 60 legislative days in which to roll back the FCC’s decision. The countdown for the rollback effort began in February when the FCC published its order in the Federal Register to repeal the rules. Further reading: 100 US Mayors Sign Pledge To Defend Net Neutrality Against Crooked ISPs.

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of this story at Slashdot.

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Mi Electric Scooter review: Complete that last mile commute with ease

With expanding public transportation, there is still often a commute to and from that source of transportation that must be achieved. An electric scooter is a fast, convenient, and fun way to cover those miles. …read more

Source:: ZDNet

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