Day: June 14, 2018

Most Organizations Are Not Fully Embracing DevOps

An anonymous reader shares a report: Although many businesses have begun moving to DevOps-style processes, eight out of 10 respondents to a new survey say they still have separate teams for managing infrastructure/operations and development. The study by managed cloud specialist 2nd Watch of more than 1,000 IT professionals indicates that a majority of companies…

Huawei unveils bigger iron KunLun server at CeBIT

A bigger splash from big freaking box of a server, with up to 32 CPUs in a rack Huawei has unveiled a more powerful version of its top-end KunLun server at CeBIT, amongst a raft of other big iron-ish hardware and software announcements.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

Enterprise enters AV fray with Voyage’s self-driving minivans – Roadshow

Voyage is starting with individual communities and scaling up from there. …read more Source:: CNet

The eyes have it: DeepFakes outed by unblinking gaze

Fake videos generated by AI models can be detected In the year or so convincing fake videos known as DeepFakes – the product of deep learning-driven facial image manipulation – have been condemned as a threat to democracy, or what’s left of it.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

Kaspersky Halts Europol Partnership After Controversial EU Parliament Vote

An anonymous reader writes: Kaspersky Lab announced it was temporarily halting its cooperation with Europol following the voting of a controversial motion in the European Parliament. The Russian antivirus vendor will also stop working on the NoMoreRansom project that provided free ransomware decrypters for ransomware victims. The company’s decision comes after the EU Parliament voted…

Windows 10 is adding Swiftkey — laying the groundwork for dual-screen tablets – CNET

Because typing on glass isn’t for everyone. …read more Source:: CNet

Facebook’s longtime comms exec Elliot Schrage stepping down – CNET

The departure comes as the social network has faced some of the biggest scandals in its history. …read more Source:: CNet

Quantum cryptography demo shows no need for ritzy new infrastructure

Telefónica and Huawei shoot freakin’ lasers down existing optical networks for QKD Telefónica and Huawei have carried out a successful field trial of quantum cryptography on commercial optical networks.… …read more Source:: Register

Apple’s iWork update now lets you record, edit and play audio – CNET

Apple’s productivity suite gets a whole bunch of new features across the board. …read more Source:: CNet

Electrify America invests $44 million to make Sacramento a ‘Green City’ – Roadshow

Volkswagen’s electric car infrastructure subsidiary is working to make California’s capital a haven for zero-emissions vehicle adoption, regardless of income level. …read more Source:: CNet