“Despite Microsoft’s assurances, Windows 10 1803 isn’t ready for prime time,” writes ComputerWorld’s Woody Leonhard, adding “Microsoft’s patches in June took on some unexpected twists…”
Win10 1803 was declared fully fit for business, a pronouncement that was followed weeks later by fixes for a few glaring, acknowledged bugs — and stony silence for other known problems. We’re continuing the two-big-cumulative-updates-a-month pace for all supported versions of Windows 10. The second cumulative update frequently fixes bugs introduced by the first cumulative update. Microsoft may think that Win10 (1803) is ready for widespread deployment, but there are a few folks who would take issue with that stance…
Tuesday, Microsoft finally released a fix for two big bugs that have dogged Win10 1803 since its inception… In practice, life isn’t so simple. WSUS (the Windows Update Server software) isn’t “seeing” KB 4284848, as of late Wednesday afternoon — which may be a good thing. Along with the second cumulative update this month, there are additional releases to fix the Servicing Stack, and a new “Compatibility update” that, per the documentation, is designed to make it easier to upgrade Win10 1803 Enterprise to Win10 1803 Enterprise (not a typo)…
One problem that has been acknowledged — but only by a Microsoft Agent on an Answers Forum post — says that installing 1803 can clobber your peer-to-peer network. That certainly matches my experience.
Woody concludes, “If you think Win10 1803 is ready for prime time, you’re welcome to give it a try.”

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