Day: November 5, 2018

Better 3D Printing through Magnets

Just like Goldilocks found some porridge too hot and some too cold, 3D printers often have beds that don’t stick well enough or stick too well. A few weeks ago I switched two of my three printers to use magnetic beds and thought I’d share with you how that worked out. Spoiler alert: like most…

Newsmaker Interview: Tom Kellermann on Hacking the Midterm Elections

Concerns over midterm election tampering reach a boiling point in the days leading up to actual voting. …read more Source:: Threatpost

PortSmash Side-Channel Attack Siphons Data From Intel, Other CPUs

An exploit was released for a flaw existing in a process in CPUs called Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT). …read more Source:: Threatpost

Passwords: Here to Stay, Despite Smart Alternatives?

“Password-killing” authentication efforts may be on a road to nowhere. …read more Source:: Threatpost

Veracode Software gobbled by private equity house Thomas Bravo for $950m

Home of McAfee and SonicWall slurps app security testing biz from Broadcom Thomas Bravo – private equity owner of McAfee and Barracuda Networks – has slurped cloudy application security testing biz Veracode Software, a division of Broadcom, for $950m in cash.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

Why Big Tech Pays Poor Kenyans To Teach Self-Driving Cars

Each day, thousands of people from places like Kibera, Africa’s largest slum and one of the toughest neighborhoods on earth, commute to an office of Samasource in the east side of Nairobi. The San Francisco-headquartered company occupies four floors of a business park building, with vast banks of computers being used for the job of…

Hackers reportedly target election officials, voter data ahead of midterms – CNET

And they’ve apparently had some “limited success.” …read more Source:: CNet

Fortnite’s new NFL outfits will turn any emote into a touchdown dance – CNET

Fortnite will let you celebrate that touchdown, er, Victory Royale in a NFL uniform starting Nov. 9. …read more Source:: CNet

Star Wars costume turns real two-legged robot into AT-ST – CNET

Even robots can enjoy Star Wars cosplay. …read more Source:: CNet

Intel Cascade Lake-AP Xeon CPUs Embrace the Multi-Chip Module

Ahead of the annual Supercomputing 2018 conference next week, Intel today announced part of its upcoming Cascade Lake strategy. From a report: The company teased plans for a new Xeon platform called Cascade Lake Advanced Performance, or Cascade Lake-AP, this morning ahead of the Supercomputing 2018 conference. This next-gen platform doubles the cores per socket…