Day: December 7, 2018

China’s Chang’e-4 Launches On Mission To the Moon’s Far Side

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The New York Times: China is aiming to go where no one has gone before: the far side of the moon. A rocket carrying the Chang’e-4 lunar lander blasted off at about 2:23 a.m. local time on Saturday from Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southern China. (In the…

Ecuador says ‘yes’ to Assange ‘freedom’ deal, but Julian says ‘nyet’

Can’t really blame him for turning down the ‘probably won’t be executed’ pact Wikileaks alumni Julian Assange has apparently turned down a proposed deal that would have seen him leave the Ecuadorian embassy he has been camped out in for over six years.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

Amazfit Verge is a better $160 watch than I expected – CNET

But I still prefer the Bip …read more Source:: CNet

Criminals Use Locally Connected Devices to Attack, Loot Banks

Tens of millions of dollars stolen from at least eight banks in East Europe, Kasperksy Lab says. …read more Source:: DarkReading hacked and plastered with anti-transgender filth

Web admin blames public Whois and lack of 2FA was hacked on Friday morning, with the hacker plastering the message “G3T 0WNED L1NUX N3RDZ” complete with expletives and a very NSFW image (a hairy asshole).… …read more Source:: Register

RIP Captain America’s beard, Avengers 4: Endgame’s biggest loss – CNET

Commentary: The most tragic loss in the Avengers franchise has nothing to do with Thanos nor the Infinity Gauntlet. …read more Source:: CNet

Building The World’s Smallest Jet Turbine By Hand

There are very few machines as complex to build as a turbojet engine. The turbine blades on a commercial airliner are grown from a single crystal of metal. The engineering tolerances are crazy, and everything spins really, really fast. All of these problems aren’t a concern for [Igor], who’s building what will probably end up…

Holiday shoppers forecasted to spend over $124 billion online – CNET

Adobe says more than $80 billion has already been spent online this holiday shopping season. …read more Source:: CNet

‘Simplify Everything’: Google Talks Container Security in 2019

Google Cloud’s container security lead shares predictions, best practices, and what’s top of mind for customers. …read more Source:: DarkReading

DHS Looking Into Tracking Monero and Zcash Transactions

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is interested in acquiring technology solutions that can track newer cryptocurrencies, such as Zcash and Monero. From a report: According to a pre-solicitation document [PDF], the DHS wants to know if this is possible, before filing an official solicitation request later down the line. The DHS said that…