Day: December 10, 2018

Avengers fans, get ready to assemble at Disneyland Paris Marvel hub – CNET

Disneyland Paris reveals new image of Marvel-themed area. …read more Source:: CNet

Women in Cyber Take the Spotlight

Women are key to solving the workforce shortage, which is expected to reach 3.5 million open jobs by 2022. …read more Source:: Threatpost

Employers: we’ll boost pay, and even some training, for cloud computing skills

The cloud skills gap is now so intense that a group of researchers is branding the situation as a ‘full-blown crisis’ that is hurting employers. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Crawling PCB ‘Bot Is Flexible Where It Counts

20 years ago, PCB production was expensive and required a multitude of phone calls and emails to a fab with significant minimum order restrictions. Now, it’s cheap and accessible online, which in addition to curtailing the home etching market has created significant new possibilities for home projects. Now that flexible PCBs are also readily available,…

Nice phone account you have there – shame if something were to happen to it. Samsung fixes ID-theft flaws

If Artem Moskowsky owes you money, its a good time to ask A recently-patched set of flaws in Samsung’s mobile site was leaving users open to account theft.… …read more Source:: Register

Malicious Sites Abuse 11-Year-Old Firefox Bug That Mozilla Failed To Fix

Malware authors, ad farmers, and scammers are abusing a Firefox bug to trap users on malicious sites. From a report: This wouldn’t be a big deal, as the web is fraught with this kind of malicious sites, but these websites aren’t abusing some new never-before-seen trick, but a Firefox bug that Mozilla engineers appear to…

New Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer teases battle with King Ghidorah – CNET

Millie Bobby Brown experiences still more stranger things in the sequel to 2014’s Godzilla. …read more Source:: CNet

YouTube bans Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes, latest tech giant to kick him off – CNET

This time, it’s for copyright violations. …read more Source:: CNet

What is the Future of Office Spaces?

An anonymous reader shares a World Economic Forum report: A lot of us spend long stretches in the office, but outdated design could be damaging our wellbeing and mental health. What’s more, it’s killing our productivity. One study found that office workers spend more time sitting than pensioners, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease,…

Galaxy A8S’s O-notch screen hints at Galaxy S10 design – CNET

Rumors point to the “Infinity-O” display coming to the Galaxy S10, too. …read more Source:: CNet