Day: December 13, 2018

Postmates plans rollout of autonomous delivery robots in US

Wheeled robo-containers called Serve headed first to LA Delivery biz Postmates on Tuesday showed off a wheeled robotic box named Serve that should soon start showing up in cities around the US, carrying goods for customers.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

Toyota, Lexus recall 133,000 trucks and SUVs in two separate recalls – Roadshow

These recalls are unrelated to the Takata recall the automaker announced earlier Thursday. …read more Source:: CNet

Windows Server 2019 Officially Supports OpenSSH For the First Time

Microsoft said in 2015 that it would build OpenSSH, a set of utilities that allow clients and servers to connect securely, into Windows, while also making contributions to its development. Neowin: Since then, the company has delivered on that promise in recent releases of Windows 10, being introduced as a feature-on-demand in version 1803. However,…

Fraudster convicted of online banking thefts using… whatever the hell this thing is

Ingenious device, or fake bomb from 1980s cop movie? Police in London have put away a fraudster who was using a bizarre homemade device to con people out of the contents of their bank accounts.… …read more Source:: Register

Every Computer Deserves a Rotary Encoder

In the era of touch screens and capacitive buttons, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t have the occasional pang of nostalgia for the good old days when interfacing with devices had a bit more heft to it. The physical clunk and snap of switches never seems to get old, and while you can…

The fastest, most secure browser? Microsoft Edge apparently

Well, in one respect anyway Microsoft may have taken the decision to ditch the Edge’s browser engine for Google’s Chromium too soon.… …read more Source:: Register

ASUS CEO Resigns as Company Shifts Mobile Focus To Power Users

Earlier today, ASUS announced that long-time CEO Jerry Shen is stepping down ahead of “a comprehensive corporate transformation” — part of which involving a new co-CEO structure, as well as a major shift in mobile strategy to focus on gamers and power users. From a report: In other words, we’ll be seeing more ROG Phones…

Amazon brings Alexa to home security systems via Security Panel Controller API

The API will let providers of home security systems offer voice controls on their devices via Alexa. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Some Facebook fact-checkers aren’t sure if their efforts are working – CNET

One former fact-checker told The Guardian that the tech firm used people in her position for “crisis PR.” Facebook has pushed back against the report. …read more Source:: CNet

The Oil Industry’s Covert Campaign To Rewrite American Car Emissions Rules

When the Trump administration laid out a plan this year that would eventually allow cars to emit more pollution, automakers, the obvious winners from the proposal, balked. The changes, they said, went too far even for them. But it turns out that there was a hidden beneficiary of the plan that was pushing for the…