Day: December 14, 2018

An AI system has just created the most realistic looking photos ever

Computers are getting better at generating pictures of humans. This will go down well. AI systems can now create images of humans that are so lifelike they look like photographs, except the people in them don’t really exist.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Open to IoT Attacks

Flaws could allow an attacker to stop or start a home charging station, or even change the current in order to start a fire. …read more Source:: Threatpost

One year on after US repealed net neutrality, policymakers reflect soberly on the future

Don’t be daft, of course they haven’t, we’re still in Crazytown USA Analysis One year ago today, the FCC passed a controversial measure that undermined its own rules, passed just two years earlier, over net neutrality.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

What Are Silicon Valley’s Highest-Paying Tech Jobs?

An anonymous reader writes: Job-search site Indeed crunched its Silicon Valley hiring numbers for 2018, looking at tech job searches, salaries, and employers, and found that engineers who combine tech skills with business skills as directors of product management earn the most, with an average salary of US $186,766. Last year, the gig came in…

Vintage Plotter Turned Fruit Spectrometer

Fruit can be a tricky thing: if you buy it ripe you’ll be racing against time to eat the pieces before they turn into a mushy mess, but if you buy the ones which are a bit before their prime it’s not always easy to tell when they’re ready to eat. Do you smell it?…

Bing recommends piracy tutorial when searching for Office 2019

Oh, Bing! Not again! …read more Source:: ZDNet

Stop us if you’ve heard this one: Facebook apologizes for bug leaking private photos

Data gathering biz still having trouble keeping data secure Facebook on Friday apologized for a bug that may have exposed exposed private photos to third-party apps for the 12 day period from September 13 to September 25, 2018.… …read more Source:: Register

Regular Windows 10 Users Who Manually Look For Updates May End Up Downloading Beta Code, Microsoft Says

In addition to relying on Windows Insiders, employees, and willing participants for testing updates, Microsoft is pushing patches before they are known to be stable to regular users too if they opt to click the “check for updates” button on their own, the company said. From a report: In a blog post by Michael Fortin,…

Iranian Hackers Target Nuclear Experts, US Officials

Hackers ramp up efforts to infiltrate email accounts of Americans responsible for enforcing severe economic sanctions on Iran. …read more Source:: DarkReading

Boeing 737 Passenger Jet Damaged in Possible Midair Drone Hit

Grupo Aeromexico SAB is investigating whether a drone slammed into a Boeing Co. 737 jetliner as the aircraft approached its destination in Tijuana, Mexico, on the U.S. border. From a report: Images on local media showed considerable damage to the nose of the 737-800, which was operating Wednesday as Flight 773 from Guadalajara. In a…