Day: December 27, 2018

CenturyLink customers get belated coal in their stockings with hours-long nationwide outage – CNET

The problem’s been going on since 4 a.m. ET, according to DownDetector. …read more Source:: CNet

Star Wars fans honor Carrie Fisher on 2nd anniversary of her death – CNET

Also, daughter Billie Lourd shares a fitting tribute and co-star Mark Hamill says he “will never stop missing” her. …read more Source:: CNet

Motorize Your Camera Slider, The Hacker Way

Camera sliders are a fantastic tool for those who wish to shoot beautiful and smooth panning video, or take expressive time-lapse shots. They can also be remarkably expensive, which creates an incentive for the DIYer to innovate at home. [Richard] wanted a motorized slider and didn’t want to break the bank, and thus, a build…

In Netflix trailer for Black Mirror film, a video game warps reality – CNET

The new feature-length special Black Mirror: Bandersnatch debuts Friday on Netflix. …read more Source:: CNet

Sesame Street sound bite could be internet’s new ‘Yanny or Laurel’ – CNET

Do you hear Grover dropping the F word? …read more Source:: CNet

In Some Bay Area Counties, College Grads Have Higher Unemployment

Higher education is supposed to be the ticket to employment. But in some Bay Area counties, workers with a high school diploma have lower unemployment rates than those with bachelor’s degrees or higher. From a report: Experts suggested the Bay Area’s backwards numbers, which run counter to the national trend, could be the result of…

Does Electronic Current Flow Like Water?

If you think about an asylum, there are two kinds of people in it: staff and patients. We aren’t sure which one [Nick Lucid] is in the latest The Science Asylum video that tries to answer the question: does electricity really flow like water? If you think about it, that isn’t such a strange question….

Epic Games, the Creator of Fortnite, Banked a $3 Billion Profit in 2018: Report

This year Fortnite became the world’s most popular game, growing its parent company, Epic Games’ valuation to $15 billion. It also helped the company pile up cash. Epic grossed a $3 billion profit for this year fueled by the continued success of Fortnite, TechCrunch reported Thursday, citing a person with knowledge of the business. From…

Fortnite reportedly will pull in an epic $3 billion profit this year – CNET

The free-to-play last-man-standing battle royale game is already a hit. Now it’s making a bunch of money too. …read more Source:: CNet

Trump may use executive order to ban Huawei, ZTE purchases – CNET

The order could be signed as early as January, according to Reuters. …read more Source:: CNet