Day: December 28, 2018

Everything We Knew About Fuchsia’s UI, Armadillo, Is Gone

Over the last two years, we have heard numerous reports about Fuchsia, new operating system for phones, computers, and just about everything else by Google. We’ve seen it in a variety of demos, all of which featured a UI, codenamed “Armadillo.” Now it seems that Armadillo, and thus everything about Fuchsia we’ve “seen,” has been…

Hackers Make A Fake Hand To Beat Vein Authentication

…read more Source:: PacketStorm

Turn Your House Into A DOOM Level With A Roomba

…read more Source:: PacketStorm

Security Firm Hijacks High Profile Twitter Accounts

…read more Source:: PacketStorm

Hackers Steal Personal Info Of 1,000 North Korean Defectors

…read more Source:: PacketStorm

Dainty Delta Is About As Small As A Robot Can Be

There’s something mesmerizing about delta robots. Whether they are used at a stately pace for a 3D-printer or going so fast you can barely see them move in a pick and place machine, the way that three rotary actuators can work together to produce motion in three axes is always a treat to watch. Especially…

Netflix Permanently Pulls iTunes Billing For New and Returning Users

An anonymous reader shares a report: Netflix is further distancing itself from Apple’s 15% iTunes tax bracket. Earlier this year, the streaming giant enabled iOS users in more than two dozen markets to bypass the iTunes payment method as part of an experiment. The company now tells VentureBeat that it has concluded the experiment and…

Interactive Black Mirror: Bandersnatch movie mind-warps a twisted 2018 – CNET

Black Mirror makes an interactive Netflix movie before interactive movies become real-life Black Mirror episodes. …read more Source:: CNet

Black Panther, Annihilation top Barack Obama’s top movies of 2018 – CNET

From Marvel’s Wakandan adventure and a Mister Rogers documentary to Janelle MonĂ¡e and Cardi B tunes, the former president lists his favorites offerings of the year. …read more Source:: CNet

First-Ever UEFI Rootkit Tied to Sednit APT

Researcher at ESET outlines research on the first successful UEFI rootkit used in the wild. …read more Source:: Threatpost