Day: January 7, 2019

CNET’s Next Big Thing at CES 2019: The Future of Media – CNET

This CES 2019 Next Big Thing panel explores media’s next frontier. Luminaries from Hollywood, Samsung, YouTube and Verizon explore how future technology will change the way we tell — and watch — stories. Plus a special discussion of how Star Trek: Discovery Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman creates for many screens. …read more Source:: CNet

The Periodic Table comes alive with haiku and pretty pictures – CNET

Celebrate the International Year of the Periodic Table in 2019 with these engaging online elements. …read more Source:: CNet

T-Mobile hits 5G milestone using 600 Mhz spectrum – CNET

The company said it’s on its way to delivering nationwide 5G with the first live test using a mix of wireless spectrum. …read more Source:: CNet

Get a first look at Deadpool director’s new Netflix animated series – CNET

David Fincher and Tim Miller team up for anthology Love, Death & Robots. …read more Source:: CNet

Star Fox Comes To Arduboy

The original Star Fox for the SNES was a landmark game. With the Super FX chip built into the cartridge, it presented the first 3D accelerated home console experience. The series has spanned several consoles and over two decades. Now, it’s getting an (albeit unofficial) port to the Arduboy, thanks to [Stephane Hockenhull]. Impressively, the…

CES 2019: Sprint unveils smart home Magic Box, confirms Samsung 5G phone

Sprint has used CES 2019 to unveil a small cell smart home product with LTE and Alexa integration, as well as confirming a Samsung 5G smartphone launching in summer. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Captain America’s Chris Evans blasts smart technologies – CNET

Like the WWII vet he plays, Evans isn’t a fan of the often unpredictable modern features. …read more Source:: CNet

Government Shutdown is Putting a Damper on Science in Seattle and Elsewhere

It’s been called the “Super Bowl of Astronomy,” but when the American Astronomical Society’s winter meeting plays out in Seattle this week, some of the stars won’t be taking the field. From a report: The AAS meeting is just one of the scientific endeavors diminished by the partial government shutdown in Washington, D.C., which entered…

Linux 5 is on the way

But even Linus Torvalds says it’s not that big of a deal. …read more Source:: ZDNet

This is the last straw, evil Microsoft. Making private GitHub repos free? You’ve gone too far

Redmond hits back: You (won’t) pay for this GitHub, the code storage and developer data gold mine acquired by Microsoft last year, has lowered the price it charges for private repositories from $7 per month to zero.… …read more Source:: TheRegister