Day: January 25, 2019

Facebook Deliberately Allowed ‘Friendly Fraud’ To Avoid Harming Revenue

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Gizmodo: Newly unsealed court documents show that Facebook was aware that underage children routinely used their parents’ payment information to spend large sums of money on in-game purchases, and the company chose not to fix the problem. For years, it allowed for what it called “friendly fraud” because…

Whats(goes)App must come down… World in shock as Zuck decides to intertwine Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp

Takeover leads to consolidation? Unfathomable (adjusted for sarcasm) Analysis In an unprecedented decision that has left tech observers struggling to contain their shock, Facebook has decided to create a common software architecture for its three main apps: Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.… …read more Source:: Register

SK Hynix feels mosquito bite in revenues from flat flash and DRAM demand

Moving to high-density DRAM and delaying 96-layer flash DRAM shortages that boosted the coffers of memory makers in recent times looks to be over – at least for now – and the impact can be seen in SK Hynix’s top and bottom lines judging by its calendar Q4 financials.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

This startup wants to sell you a dirty tissue for $80. Seriously. – CNET

Vaev is offering other people’s germs so you can “get sick on your terms.” …read more Source:: CNet

Six Flags fingerprinted my son without consent, says mom. Y’know, this biometric case has teeth, say state supremes…

Theme park’s attempt to shoot down lawsuit snubbed by top judges Analysis The Illinois Supreme Court on Friday ruled that a family’s lawsuit against downmarket-Disneyland Six Flags for allegedly violating the state’s Biometric Privacy Act can proceed, reversing an appellate court ruling that rejected the claim because the plaintiff’s did not allege any specific harm.……

Billiard Ball Finds a New Home in Custom Trackball Mouse

They walk among us, unseen by polite society. They seem ordinary enough on the outside but they hide a dark secret – sitting beside their keyboards are trackballs instead of mice. We know, it’s hard to believe, but that’s the wacky world we live in these days. But we here at Hackaday don’t judge based…

FCC accused of colluding with Big Cable to game 5G legal challenge

House Commerce committee says it has inside knowledge of dodgy regulator antics US telecoms regulator the FCC has been accused of colluding with companies it is supposed to oversee in order to protect a controversial decision over new 5G networks.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

The Amazon Fire TV Recast DVR is on sale for $190 – CNET

That’s within a few bucks of Black Friday pricing, and definitely one of the best deals to date on this cord-cutter’s friend. …read more Source:: CNet

Gatwick Airport will test robot valets for parking cars – Roadshow

The robot even has an adorable name — Stan. …read more Source:: CNet

Super Bowl 2019 ads: What we’ve seen so far – CNET

The Big Lebowski might return, Skittles is making a musical, and the Backstreet Boys are auditioning Chance the Rapper. …read more Source:: CNet