Day: January 26, 2019

Can AI-Controlled Cameras Replace An Air Traffic Control Tower?

London’s Heathrow airport is testing a surprising new system involving high-definition cameras, monitoring 50,000 arrivals in the month of March. Bloomberg reports: Views from the cameras will be fed into an artificial intelligence platform from Canada’s Searidge Technologies Inc. that will interpret the images and reveal to controllers when a particular aircraft has cleared the…

Sorter Uses Cardboard to Organize Card Hoard

If you collect trading cards of any kind, you know that storage quickly becomes an issue. Just ask [theguymasamato]. He used to be really into trading cards, and got back into it when his kids caught the bug. Now he’s sitting on 10,000+ cards that are largely unorganized except for a few that made it…

State of Emergency Declared in Washington State Over Measles Outbreak

An anonymous reader quotes CBS News: The governor of Washington state declared a state of emergency Friday over a measles outbreak that has sickened dozens of people in a county with one of the state’s lowest vaccination rates. Gov. Jay Inslee said in a statement that the outbreak in Clark County “creates an extreme public…

In film Share, a video tears teens apart. It’s a timely #metoo parable – CNET

Review: Premiering at Sundance this week, Share is a raw and uncomfortable movie that tackles the modern era of sexual abuse revelations. …read more Source:: CNet

Oculus’s VR live-theater time-warping night-club game is unlike anything else I’ve tried before – CNET

The Under Presents is a new kind of VR experience that teleports you from your living room to a sprawling absurdist universe with live actors. Could it finally be VR’s killer app? …read more Source:: CNet

Ted Bundy documentary on Netflix turned me into a terrified teen again – CNET

Commentary: Watching Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes brought me back to high school, when I thought Bundy would escape jail to kill me next. …read more Source:: CNet

Amazon Begins Using ‘Sidewalk Robots’ In Seattle Delivery Tests

An anonymous reader quotes Fortune: The future is now: Starting this week, Amazon is testing autonomous package delivery with adorable little robot vehicles in a northern Seattle suburb. Six of the Amazon Scouts, the company announced yesterday, are now delivering packages in Snohomish County in a trial run that complements its existing delivery options… The…

I Am Mother review: Taut sci-fi chiller with a robot that’s one bad mom – CNET

Hillary Swank stars in this tense, strikingly shot film from Sundance 2019 that evokes Alien as daughter and mechanoid mama face off over the future of the human race. …read more Source:: CNet

Do Debian APT and PHP Pear Patches Highlight Vulnerability In Package Management Infrastructure?

“Time and again, security experts and vendors alike will recommend to organizations and end users to keep software and systems updated with the latest patches,” reports eWeek. “But what happens when the application infrastructure that is supposed to deliver those patches itself is at risk?” That’s what open-source and Linux users were faced with this…

WWE Royal Rumble 2019: Start time, how to watch, confirmed entrants, full match card and more – CNET

The Royal Rumble is this weekend. Here’s every confirmed match and Rumble entrant. …read more Source:: CNet