January, 2019

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You’re the Swan that I want, you are the Swan I want, ooh ooh ooh: Intel anoints Bob as CEO

Swan’s throng. Chipzilla’s only Swan and done it. And Swan more for luck, etc etc

Intel on Thursday filled its vacant CEO slot with the appointment of Robert Swan, who has been moonlighting as interim CEO over the past seven months while simultaneously serving as CFO.…

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Source:: TheRegister

The iPhone SE is once again available from Apple — for $249 – CNET

The discontinued budget handset returns to the Apple clearance aisle. …read more

Source:: CNet

Facebook removes activity related to alleged Iranian influence campaign – CNET

The content was targeted to users in the Middle East and South Asia …read more

Source:: CNet

Uber adds public transportation to its app, starting with Denver – CNET

Riders can plan their journey — whether it’s with Uber or not — in the ride-hailing app. …read more

Source:: CNet

Engineers Create a Robot That Can ‘Imagine’ Itself

Columbia Engineering researchers have made a major advance in robotics by creating a robot that learns what it is, from scratch, with zero prior knowledge of physics, geometry, or motor dynamics. Initially the robot does not know if it is a spider, a snake, an arm — it has no clue what its shape is. After a brief period of “babbling,” and within about a day of intensive computing, their robot creates a self-simulation. The robot can then use that self-simulator internally to contemplate and adapt to different situations, handling new tasks as well as detecting and repairing damage in its own body. From a report: The work is published today in Science Robotics. To date, robots have operated by having a human explicitly model the robot. “But if we want robots to become independent, to adapt quickly to scenarios unforeseen by their creators, then it’s essential that they learn to simulate themselves,” says Hod Lipson, professor of mechanical engineering, and director of the Creative Machines lab, where the research was done.

For the study, Lipson and his PhD student Robert Kwiatkowski used a four-degree-of-freedom articulated robotic arm. Initially, the robot moved randomly and collected approximately one thousand trajectories, each comprising one hundred points. The robot then used deep learning, a modern machine learning technique, to create a self-model. The first self-models were quite inaccurate, and the robot did not know what it was, or how its joints were connected. But after less than 35 hours of training, the self-model became consistent with the physical robot to within about four centimeters. The self-model performed a pick-and-place task in a closed loop system that enabled the robot to recalibrate its original position between each step along the trajectory based entirely on the internal self-model. With the closed loop control, the robot was able to grasp objects at specific locations on the ground and deposit them into a receptacle with 100 percent success.

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2019 Already Marred By Slew of Data Breach Incidents

So far, 2019 shows no signs of a decline in data incidents. …read more

Source:: Threatpost

Dell, CrowdStrike, Secureworks Join Forces to Secure Endpoints

Dell SafeGuard and Response is geared toward businesses, governments, and schools that may lack resources they need to detect and remediate sophisticated threats. …read more

Source:: DarkReading

Airbus Employee Info Exposed in Data Breach

Few details as yet on a cyberattack that hit Airbus’ commercial aircraft business. …read more

Source:: DarkReading

A second preview of .NET Core 3? Shucks, Microsoft. You spoil us

JSON writing gets snappier while Remond nails its colours to the IoT mast

Microsoft has kicked out a second preview of .NET Core 3 and naturally we fired up the IDE to see what has changed.…

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Source:: TheRegister

Selling fake followers and likes is illegal, landmark settlement finds – CNET

“Anyone profiting off of deception and impersonation is breaking the law,” says the New York attorney general. …read more

Source:: CNet

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