Day: February 27, 2019

Netflix: We didn’t mess with the ending of The Notebook – CNET

Some fans freaked out when an alternate ending for the film streamed in the UK. …read more Source:: CNet

Disney may be trying to buy more of Hulu from AT&T’s WarnerMedia – CNET

Disney was already poised to control Hulu after it completes its takeover of 21st Century Fox. …read more Source:: CNet

Chrome Should Get ‘Extremely Fast’ at Loading a Whole Lot of Web Pages

Chrome is going to get a big speed boost — at least for web pages you’ve recently visited. CNET: With a feature called bfcache — backward-forward cache — Google’s web browser will store a website’s state as you navigate to a new page. If you then go back to that page, Chrome will reconstitute it…

Can blockchain help fix government bureaucracy?

Agencies can use the ledger technology to cut inefficiencies and ultimately deliver better experiences for citizens. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Michelle Obama to discuss ‘Becoming’ on new YouTube special – CNET

The “BookTube” special will debut in March. …read more Source:: CNet

New Part Day: The STM32 That Runs Linux

There are a lot of ARM microcontrollers out there, and the parts from ST are featured prominently is the high-power builds we’re seeing. The STM32F4 and ~F7 are powerhouses with great support, and the STM32F0 and the other younger children of the family make for very good, low-power microcontrollers. Now, the STM32 family is getting…

Watching in slow motion as you turn around and say… Take my breath Huawei (with updated storage silo software)

Deduplicating, I keep waiting, still anticipating your PR shove While fending off America’s accusations that it backdoors its gear for Beijing, Huawei has upgraded its FusionStorage software to v8.0 in hope of providing all the different storage resources a data centre needs from one silo.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

Gab Wants To Add a Comments Section To Everything On the Internet

Okian Warrior writes: Free speech social network Gab has launched a new comments platform, Dissenter, which allows users to make comments on every single website on the Internet without fear of censorship or banning. The Dissenter platform, which integrates with Gab as either a website or a browser extension, allows users to comment on any…

Wikileaks may bring Trump’s latest crisis (The 3:59, Ep. 526) – CNET

Plus, a US agency plans a task force as a tech watchdog and AT&T’s ownership of HBO is official. …read more Source:: CNet

Anthem still has a path to greatness – CNET

Commentary: As the tepid reviews continued to roll in, I could absolutely see where people were coming from, but I simply couldn’t square them with my first weekend in the game. …read more Source:: CNet