Day: April 11, 2019

EU Tells Internet Archive That Much Of Its Site Is ‘Terrorist Content’

Mike Masnick, reporting for TechDirt: We’ve been trying to explain for the past few months just how absolutely insane the new EU Terrorist Content Regulation will be for the internet. Among many other bad provisions, the big one is that it would require content removal within one hour as long as any “competent authority” within…

Disney Plus likely to offer a discounted bundle with Hulu and ESPN Plus – CNET

You’re “likely” to get a lower price if you subscribe to two or more of Disney’s streaming services. …read more Source:: CNet

Google loses diversity chief amid unrest over workplace issues – CNET

Danielle Brown will be replaced by Melonie Parker, who’s been serving as the company’s head of diversity, equity and inclusion. …read more Source:: CNet

Black hole photo: Inside the room where scientists first saw it – CNET

A new Smithsonian Channel documentary captures the moment human eyes see the event horizon for the first time. …read more Source:: CNet

Moon Landing By Israel’s Beresheet Spacecraft Appears To End In Crash

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The New York Times: A small spacecraft that has captured the imagination and excitement of people in Israel and around the world appears to have crashed on the moon (Warning: source may be paywalled; alternative source). “We had a failure in the spacecraft,” said Opher Doron, the general…

US government has 12,166 data centers with most of them inefficient: Can hybrid save the day?

A report from the General Accountability Office, which weighs in as a 98 page PDF​, is an indictment of US government technology and data center operations. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Julian Assange’s defense against hacking charges, and where it falls short – CNET

While WikiLeaks’ work can be considered journalism, offering to hack a password isn’t. …read more Source:: CNet

Juniper slips out update after hardcoded credentials left in switches

Telemetry Interface blamed for exposed gRPC passwords Juniper Networks has issued an update after finding hardcoded credentials had been left in some of its datacenter switches.… …read more Source:: Register

Apple Watch Series 3 42mm is back at Walmart for $229 – CNET

That’s tied with the all-time best price. Or get the GPS plus cellular version, albeit refurbished, for just a few dollars more. …read more Source:: CNet

Car navigation systems: Should you order the factory GPS on a new car? – Roadshow

We love CarPlay and Android Auto, but there are reasons to go for the factory nav option. …read more Source:: CNet