Day: April 12, 2019

Facebook to diversify board of directors as Netflix CEO Reed Hastings departs – CNET

The social network nominates PayPal executive Peggy Alford to its board of directors. She would be the first African-American woman to join the board. …read more Source:: CNet

Learn Game of Thrones language High Valyrian in 5 easy steps – CNET

Master everyday phrases, such as: “Where’s the bathroom?” “I can’t come to work,” and “What’s your HBO password?” …read more Source:: CNet

Washington State Commits To Running Entirely On Clean Energy By 2045

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Gizmodo: On Thursday, the Washington state legislature officially passed one of the most ambitious clean energy bills in the nation. Washington is now committed to making the state’s electricity supply carbon neutral by 2030 and 100 percent carbon-free by 2045. The bill makes the fourth state to commit…

US-Cert alert! Thanks to a massive bug, VPN now stands for “Vigorously Pwned Nodes”

Multiple providers leaving storage cookies up for grabs The US-Cert is raising alarms following the disclosure of a serious vulnerability in multiple VPN services.‚Ķ …read more Source:: Register

2020 Nissan Versa: Still America’s least expensive new car? – Roadshow

Nissan’s suddenly unfrumpy sedan is set to party at a Florida music festival before heading to the New York Auto Show. …read more Source:: CNet

‘How About Paying Your Taxes?’: Walmart Responds To Amazon’s Challenge Over Pay

Amazon and Walmart are in war over worker pay — and now corporate taxes. After Amazon Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos on Thursday issued a challenge to other retailers, not naming which ones specifically, to match Amazon’s pay and benefits, Walmart snapped right back. From a report: “Today I challenge our top retail competitors (you…

Where is Julian Assange’s cat? The internet wants answers right meow – CNET

No, we’re not kitten. The “Embassy Cat” even had social media accounts. …read more Source:: CNet

Unintended deceleration: NHTSA probes Nissan Rogue over autobrake reports – Roadshow

An investigation could lead to a recall, if NHTSA finds something worth addressing. …read more Source:: CNet

Sprint extends its return program, gives you 30 days to make up your mind – CNET

The deal’s available for new lines activated on or after April 5. …read more Source:: CNet

Vader Immortal brought me face to face with the Dark Lord – CNET

The Oculus Quest experience at Star Wars Celebration Chicago was impressive‚Ķ most impressive. …read more Source:: CNet