TicTocTrack Smartwatch Flaws Can Be Abused To Track Kids

secwatcher shares a report from Threatpost: A popular smartwatch that allows parents to track their children’s whereabouts, TicTocTrack, has been discovered to be riddled with security issues that could allow hackers to track and call children. Researchers at Pen Test Partners revealed vulnerabilities in the watch (sold in Australia) on Monday, which could enable hackers to track children’s location, spoof the child’s location or view personal data on the victims’ accounts. The parent company of the TicTocTrack watch, iStaySafe Pty Ltd., has temporarily restricted access to the watch’s service and app while it investigates further. Researchers found that the service’s back end does not make any authorization attempt on any request — besides the user having a valid username and password combination. That means that an attacker who is logged into the service could remotely compromise the app and track other accounts that are based in Australia.

The smartwatch, available in Australia for $149 (USD), is designed for children and uses GPS to track the movement of the wearer every six minutes, and offers voice calling and SMS features. The smartwatch’s API can be attacked by changing the FamilyIdentifier number (which identifies the family that the user belongs to), which then could give a bad actor complete access to the user’s data — including the children’s location, parent’s full names, phone numbers and other personal identifiable information. Researchers with Pen Test Partners collaborated with security researcher Troy Hunt to test the attack. Hunt uploaded a video showing how the smartwatch vulnerability could be exploited to call his daughter — and how her smartwatch would answer automatically without any interaction needed from her end.

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