Will Disney+ Destroy Netflix?

“Netflix has 175 days left to pull off a miracle… or it’s all over,” argues a headline at Forbes for an article by the chief analyst at disruption research firm RiskHedge:

Netflix is not the future of TV. Netflix changed how we watch TV, but it didn’t really change what we watch… Netflix has achieved its incredible growth by taking distribution away from cable companies. Instead of watching The Office on cable, people now watch The Office on Netflix. This edge isn’t sustainable.

In a world where you can watch practically anything whenever you want, dominance in distribution is very fragile. Because the internet has opened up a whole world of choice, featuring great exclusive content is now far more important than anything else… Netflix management knows content is king. The company spent $12 billion developing original shows last year… To fund its new shows, Netflix is borrowing huge sums of debt. It currently owes creditors $10.4 billion, which is 59% more than it owed this time last year. The problem is that no matter how much Netflix spends, it has no chance to catch up with its biggest rival…

in about 175 days, Disney is set to launch its own streaming service called Disney+. It’s going to charge $6.99/month — around $6 cheaper than Netflix. And it’s pulling all its content off of Netflix. This is a big deal. Disney owns Marvel, Pixar Animations, Star Wars, ESPN, National Geographic, Modern Family, and The Simpsons. Not to mention all the classic characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. In six of the past seven years, Disney has produced the world’s top-selling movie… Disney has shown it can produce movies and shows people want to watch. No competitor comes within 1,000 miles of Disney’s world of content. Disney’s ownership of iconic franchises like Star Wars gives it something no money can buy.

Meanwhile, Netflix will lose a lot of its best content — and potentially millions of subscribers who switch to Disney+. While Netflix is running into debt “trying out” new shows, Disney already has the best of the best in its arsenal.

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