Day: July 19, 2019

American Airlines and Qantas gain approval to form joint venture – CNET

The two airlines could coordinate flight pricing, sales and frequent flyer programs. …read more Source:: CNet

Iran-Linked APT34 Invites Victims to LinkedIn for Fresh Malware Infections

The group was posing as a researcher from Cambridge, and was found to have added three new malware families to its spy arsenal. …read more Source:: Threatpost

Arctic Summer Melt Shows Ice Is Disappearing Faster Than Normal

Ice covering the Arctic Ocean reached the second-lowest level recorded for this time of year after July temperatures spiked in areas around the North Pole. From a report: The rate of ice loss in the region is a crucial indicator for the world’s climate and a closely-watched metric by bordering nations jostling for resources and…

Hackers breach 62 US colleges by exploiting ERP vulnerability

Hackers are breaching college networks and creating fake accounts that are used “almost immediately for criminal activity.” …read more Source:: ZDNet

When Harry met celly: NSA hoarder thrown in the clink for 9 years – after taking classified work home for decades

Contractor Martin sentenced for squirreling away 50TB of hush-hush files, exploits An ex-NSA contractor who admitted stashing some 50TB of secret US government documents and exploit code at his home was today sentenced to nine years behind bars.… …read more Source:: Register

Adult Sites Lack Privacy, Open the Door for Harassment and Tracking

Third-party tracking is rampant on sites like Pornhub, with users’ sexual preferences on full view. …read more Source:: Threatpost

My Browser, the Spy: How Extensions Slurped Up Browsing Histories From 4M Users

Dan Goodin, reporting for ArsTechnica: When we use browsers to make medical appointments, share tax returns with accountants, or access corporate intranets, we usually trust that the pages we access will remain private. DataSpii, a newly documented privacy issue in which millions of people’s browsing histories have been collected and exposed, shows just how much…

Literally braking news: Two people hurt as not one but two self-driving space-age buses go awry

One hit by robo-ride, another injured in US, Austrian trials Two driverless vehicle trials were temporarily halted this week after self-driving mini-buses encountered obstacles – or think they did – resulting in minor injuries to a rider and a pedestrian.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

Parrot reportedly grounds its toy drones – CNET

The French company will instead focus on its Anafi camera drone line, according to a report. …read more Source:: CNet

A Rust-Based TLS Library Outperformed OpenSSL in Almost Every Category

A tiny and relatively unknown TLS library written in Rust, an up-and-coming programming language, outperformed the industry-standard OpenSSL in almost every major category. From a report: The findings are the result of a recent four-part series of benchmarks carried out by Joseph Birr-Pixton, the developer behind the Rustls library. The findings showed that Rustls was…