Day: July 28, 2019

Three iPhones will have 5G in 2020, analyst predicts – CNET

It looks like Apple’s acquisition of Intel’s modem business may already be making a difference. …read more Source:: CNet

28% of Delivery Drivers Have Tasted Your Food, Survey Finds

One of America’s top foodservice distributor’s recently surveyed 1,518 customers of food-delivery services — and then also surveyed 500 delivery drivers. Restaurant Business magazine shares one surprising result: About 21% of delivery customers worry the driver may have nibbled their order en route — and with good reason, according to a new study of delivery…

Fortnite season 10: Dusty Depot returns and everything else we know – CNET

It’s back. …read more Source:: CNet

New AI-Assisted Coding Tool Called ‘Amazing’

An anonymous reader quotes The Verge’s AI and Robotics reporter: By scanning huge datasets of text, machine learning software can produce convincing samples of everything from short stories to song lyrics. Now, those same techniques are being applied to the world of coding with a new program called Deep TabNine, a “coding autocompleter.” Programmers can…

Take Control of your DSLR with PiXPi

If you’ve ever tried to take a picture of a fast moving object, you know how important timing is. You might only have one chance, and if you hit the shutter a bit too early or too late, the shot could be ruined. Past a certain point, no human camera operator can react quickly enough….

‘Never-Googlers’ Take Extreme Measures To Avoid Data Tracking

To buy his favorite oatmeal, Gregory Kelly drives to a city 40 miles away rather than sharing his data with an online retailer, or purchasing it from the company’s web site, “which he says is riddled with tracking software from Google,” according to the Washington Post: “I’m just not sure why Google needs to know…

Elon Musk sees Netflix, YouTube coming soon to your Tesla – Roadshow

It’ll be like going to the drive-in wherever you go. …read more Source:: CNet

Tesla will soon bring Netflix and YouTube streaming to its cars, Elon Musk says – Roadshow

Musk also says that streaming while driving could eventually be an option, if and when regulators ever allow full self-driving capability. …read more Source:: CNet

Did Facebook End The Encryption Debate?

Forbes contributor Kalev Leetaru argues that “the encryption debate is already over — Facebook ended it earlier this year.” The ability of encryption to shield a user’s communications rests upon the assumption that the sender and recipient’s devices are themselves secure, with the encrypted channel the only weak point… [But] Facebook announced earlier this year…

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: Tarantino love letter to movies has a bloody twist – CNET

Commentary: I like this homage to Hollywood’s golden age starring Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie. But I could do without all the blood spattering. …read more Source:: CNet