Day: September 1, 2019

On the Far Side of the Moon, China’s Rover Discovers a Strangely-Colored Gel-Like Substance

An anonymous reader quotes CNET: China’s Yutu-2 rover, launched as part of the Chang’e 4 mission, is the first-ever robot to explore the far side of the moon. Since landing in January, it’s snapped gorgeous views of the lunar surface and made one unexpected discovery. Now, it’s made another surprising find: an unusual substance with…

No, 5G won’t replace 4G (and other 5G myths debunked) – CNET

We clear up some of the confusion around 5G. …read more Source:: CNet

Best portable chargers and power banks for iPhone – CNET

Looking for a pocket-size power bank for charging your iPhone on the go? Here are some top picks. …read more Source:: CNet

Scooters In Cities Are Becoming A Huge Problem

An anonymous reader quotes CNN: Stewart Goodwin tried to put a stop to the constant flow of scooters into the plaza he oversees. He spoke to the government and scooter companies, but to no avail. “We still find scooters in our fountains,” Goodwin, executive director of the Indiana War Memorials in Indianapolis, told CNN Business….

Stack of Plant Saucers, Transformed Into Low Cost Solar Shield

For serious data collection with weather sensors, a solar shield is crucial. The shield protects temperature and humidity sensors from direct sunlight, as well as rain and other inclement weather, without interfering with their operation. [Mare] managed to create an economical and effective shield for under three euros in materials. It began with a stack…

Don’t walk out into Hurricane Dorian’s eye, authorities warn – CNET

The National Hurricane Center is urging residents of the Bahamas to quit taking videos and instead take shelter and stay there. …read more Source:: CNet

Physicists Release Step-by-Step Instructions For Building a Wormhole

schwit1 quotes A recent paper, published to the preprint journal arXiv on July 29, has found a way to build an almost-steady wormhole, one that does collapse but slowly enough to send messages — and potentially even things — down it before it tears itself apart. All you need are a couple of black…

Best phone for gaming in 2019: Razer 2 vs. Asus ROG, Xiaomi Black Shark, Nubia Red Magic Mars – CNET

We tested four phones specifically designed for gaming to see which one is truly the best. …read more Source:: CNet

Trump’s 15 percent tariff on Chinese goods kicks in – CNET

And China retaliates with its own tariffs on US goods, as the trade war ratchets up. …read more Source:: CNet

How MuleSoft patched a critical security flaw and avoided a disaster

MuleSoft deals with a sensitive security issue and sets up an example for the whole industry to follow. …read more Source:: ZDNet