Day: September 2, 2019

‘The 2018 MacBook Pro Keyboard Drives Me Crazy’

Ryan Bigg: I recently upgraded from a 2015 MacBook Pro to a 2018 MacBook Pro. So I’ve been using this computer as a work computer for almost 3 months now and, my god, the keyboard drives me mental. Even writing this blog post now on the train and there’s: duplicated “o’s” that I’ve had to…

Don’t Get Locked Up Into Avoiding Lock-in

Gregor Hohpe: A significant share of architectural energy is spent on reducing or avoiding lock-in. That’s a rather noble objective: architecture is meant to give us options and lock-in does the opposite. However, lock-in isn’t a simple true-or-false matter: avoiding being locked into one aspect often locks you into another. Also, popular notions, such as…

DIY 40FPS 16bpp Platformer on a Cortex M0+

Sure, you can play a bunch of retro games on a Raspberry Pi, but if you’re really hardcore, you build your own retro console and write your own games for it. [Nicola Wrachien]’s entry into this year’s Hackaday prize is his DIY Cortex M0+ game console and the platform game he wrote to test the…

FCC helping wireless carriers prepare for Hurricane Dorian – CNET

Agency says it’s implementing lessons learned from Hurricane Michael. …read more Source:: CNet

Chinese Deepfake App Zao Sparks Privacy Row After Going Viral

A Chinese app that lets users convincingly swap their faces with film or TV characters has rapidly become one of the country’s most downloaded apps, triggering a privacy row. From a report: Released on Friday, the Zao app went viral as Chinese users seized on the chance to see themselves act out scenes from well-known…

The Bugatti Chiron just broke the 300-mph barrier – Roadshow

The modified supercar clocked a top speed of 304.77 miles per hour. …read more Source:: CNet

iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5 and more: The final rumors – CNET

Your cheat sheet for Apple’s September event with the latest rumors about the next iPhone and Apple Watch. …read more Source:: CNet

Ask Slashdot: What Lightweight Alternative To Chrome or Firefox Do You Use?

thegarbz writes: It seems not a day goes by without yet another story reflecting poorly on major browsers. Not uncommon are stories that are mixed with a degree of bloat, either discussing rarely used features or directly criticizing memory consumption of major browsers. Unfortunately memory consumption is quite often the result of complete feature implementation…

Android 10 reportedly rolling out to Pixel phones on Sept. 3 – CNET

Carrier support page may have jumped the gun. …read more Source:: CNet

Everyone remembers their first time: ESA satellite dodges a “mega constellation”

Spoiler: Yes, it was SpaceX’s Starlink The European Space Agency (ESA) accomplished a first today: moving one of its satellites away from a potential collision with a “mega constellation”.… …read more Source:: TheRegister