Day: September 3, 2019

Allowlist, not whitelist. Blocklist, not blacklist. Goodbye, wtf. Microsoft scans Chromium code, lops out offensive words

Redmond suggests nuking ‘profanity, geopolitical, diversity’ terms from browser source Microsoft’s adoption of the Google-developed Chromium browser engine for Edge has resulted in a proposal to cleanse the open-source code of “potentially offensive terms.”… …read more Source:: TheRegister

Facebook Drops Default Facial Recognition Tag Suggestions

Facebook will not allow users to “opt out” of its face recognition feature. …read more Source:: Threatpost

Harry Potter books banned from Catholic school for fear of student spells – CNET

Kids may be tempted to conjure “evil spirits,” the Nashville school’s pastor says. …read more Source:: CNet

Mozilla says update to Firefox extensions API won’t kill ad blockers

Like Brave, Opera, and Vivaldi, Mozilla distances itself from Google’s planned extensions update that is anticipated to hinder ad blockers in Chrome. …read more Source:: ZDNet

YouTube Removes 17,000 Channels For Hate Speech

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Hollywood Reporter: YouTube says it has removed more than 17,000 channels for hate speech, representing a spike in takedowns since its new hate speech policy went into effect in June. The Google-owned company calls the June update — in which YouTube said it would specifically prohibit videos…

Fuel-cell semi truck startup Nikola gets $250M investment from CNH Industrial – Roadshow

You may not know CNH, but it operates Iveco and FPT Industrial — major players in the commercial vehicle segment. …read more Source:: CNet

Over 47,000 Supermicro Servers Are Exposing BMC Ports on the Internet

Catalin Cimpanu, writing for ZDNet: More than 47,000 workstations and servers, possibly more, running on Supermicro motherboards are currently open to attacks because administrators have left an internal component exposed on the internet. These systems are vulnerable to a new set of vulnerabilities named USBAnywhere that affect the baseboard management controller (BMC) firmware of Supermicro…

Back-to-school malware is hiding in those digital textbooks – CNET

Kaspersky warns that it found more than 100,000 textbook files with malware lurking inside. …read more Source:: CNet

Uncle Sam is Huawei out of line with these hacking attacks, patent probes, Chinese mode maker sighs

Comms giant says camera patent claims are a front for government intrusion Huawei claims, albeit without evidence that the US government has tried to break into its internal computer networks. The mobile tech giant is also upset that Uncle Sam’s ongoing patent theft probes are little more than an excuse for American officials to pry…

Fortnite season 10: Floating Island returns and Zapper Trap disabled – CNET

The island is in a state of flux. …read more Source:: CNet