Day: September 28, 2019

Apex Legends season 3: New map, start date, Crypto skin and everything else we know – CNET

So long, Kings Canyon. Hello, Meltdown. …read more Source:: CNet

As ‘CentOS Stream’ Brings Rolling Releases, Some RHEL Development Moves Into CentOS Project

It’s been five years since the release of CentOS 7, but Indy1 (Slashdot reader #99,447) reminded us that CentOS 8 finally arrived this week — along with a big new plan for rolling releases. It Pro Today points out that CentOS already runs on about 16% of all servers, “a number that’s only bested by…

America’s CIA Reportedly Spied on Julian Assange In the Ecuador Embassy

A Spanish private security firm spied on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on behalf of the CIA while he was inside Ecuador’s embassy in London, according to the Spanish newspaper El Pais. An anonymous reader quotes AFP: Citing unspecified documents and statements, the paper said Undercover Global Ltd, which was responsible for security at the embassy…

Facebook will have to give UK police access to encrypted messages, report says – CNET

Under an upcoming treaty with the US, Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media services will have to make data available, says a Bloomberg report. …read more Source:: CNet

Lighting the Way for the Visually Impaired

The latest creation from Bengali roboticist [nabilphysics] might sound familiar. His laser-augmented glove gives users the ability to detect objects horizontally in front of them, much like a cane or pole is used by the visually impaired to navigate through a physical space. As a stand in for the physical cane, he uses the VL53L0X…

Does The Military Need Agile Programming?

OneHundredAndTen writes: According to this Forbes article, the Pentagon is worried that many in the USA’s military nerve center claim to use Agile methods, when in fact, they aren’t. Those responsible for these things at the Pentagon have therefore come up with a Detecting Agile BS document, so people can tell when they are doing…

Harry’s, Dollar Shave Club, Billie and more: 6 razor subscription services to try – CNET

The secret to getting cheap razors? Buy them online and have them delivered on a schedule. …read more Source:: CNet

2020 Lexus NX Black Line brings on the bronze – Roadshow

Bronze wheels and similar accents inside create a very time-appropriate look. …read more Source:: CNet

‘Massive’ Coordinated Campaign Hijacked Many YouTube Accounts

An anonymous reader quotes ZDNet: A massive wave of account hijacks has hit YouTube users, and especially creators in the auto-tuning and car review community, a ZDNet investigation discovered following a tip from one of our readers. Several high-profile accounts from the YouTube creators car community have fallen victim to these attacks already… But the…

New iPhone Feature Can Send Unknown Callers To Voicemail Automatically

An anonymous reader quotes the Economist: In its latest software release, Apple has made it possible for iPhone users to send all unknown callers to voicemail automatically. Although the feature will no doubt prove useful to the millions of customers whose peaceful suppers are ruined by fake calls, it could be disastrous for the faltering…