An anonymous reader writes: The Tor Project has removed from its network this week more than 800 servers that were running outdated and end-of-life (EOL) versions of the Tor software. The removed servers represent roughly 13.5% of the 6,000+ servers that currently comprise the Tor network and help anonymize traffic for users across the world. Roughly 750 of the removed servers represent Tor middle relays, and 62 are exit relays — where users exit the Tor network onto the world wide web after having their true location hidden through the Tor network. The organization said it plans to release a Tor software update in November that will natively reject connections with EOL Tor server versions by default, without any intervention from the Tor Project staff. “Until then, we will reject around 800 obsolete relays using their fingerprints,” the Tor Project said in a statement this week.

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