Day: November 2, 2019

World Pinball-Playing Record Broken During Gamers’ Livestreaming-for-Charity Event

haaz (Slashdot reader #3,346) tells us that history has just been made as part of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals annual online game-playing fundraiser, Extra Life: A man from Milwaukee, Wisconsin is trying to play pinball long enough to break the standing Guinness World Record for Longest Marathon Pinball Play of 30 hours 10 minutes….

Microsoft gives its Edge browser a new icon, not just a new brain – CNET

The browser, overhauled with a new engine, also is getting a new icon. …read more Source:: CNet

The 2020 Indian Challenger is the company’s highest-tech bagger ever – Roadshow

With a new water-cooled engine, a six-speed transmission and sportbike-like suspension and brakes, it promises to be serious fun to ride fast. …read more Source:: CNet

Best AirPods accessories in 2019 – CNET

The AirPods are another Apple accessory that have spurred a cottage industry of more accessories. Here are some of our top picks. …read more Source:: CNet

Microsoft Announces It’s Ready to Contribute to OpenJDK

“In a message to the OpenJDK community, Bruno Borges announced that Microsoft has now formally signed the Oracle Contributor Agreement and has been welcomed to the Java community,” reports JAXenter: He went on to reaffirm Microsoft’s commitment to Java and that the team is looking forward to giving something back to the Java community. However,…

Forget Printing Labels for Your Bathtub Hooch, Why Not Engrave The Bottle?

[BlueFlower] sends in this cool wine bottle engraver. It’s a simple machine that reminds us of the infamous EggBot. One axis can move in x and z while the other axis rotates the work piece. The EggBot works in spherical coordinates while this one lives in a cylindrical world. The base of the device appears…

Honda has a something for everyone at the 2019 SEMA show – Roadshow

A 1999 Civic, a 2020 CR-v… and a Chevy pickup truck? …read more Source:: CNet

Medium Investigates The Secret Supply Chain Behind AmazonBasics

“I heard the ‘pop!’ from my living room as a brand-new pack of Amazon batteries spontaneously exploded on the kitchen counter, oozing a gritty black substance in fits and spurts,” reports the staff writer for Medium’s new tech site, OneZero. But that was just the beginning of a larger mystery, according to their article (shared…

Volkswagen ID 4 electric SUV steps out in front of the camera – Roadshow

We’re treated to our first official shots of the EV coming to America. …read more Source:: CNet

Trump’s staff spoke of imposing a delay on his tweets, report says – CNET

They discussed approaching Twitter with the idea, The New York Times says in a deep dive into the US president’s interactions with the social network. …read more Source:: CNet