Day: November 9, 2019

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Best TV deals for Black Friday 2019 available now (and coming soon) – CNET

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Boeing’s Poor Information Security Threatens Passenger Safety, National Security, Says Researcher

itwbennett writes: Security researcher Chris Kubecka has identified (and reported to Boeing and the Department of Homeland Security back in August) a number of security vulnerabilities in Boeing’s networks, email system, and website. “[T]he company’s failure to remedy the security failures she reported demonstrate either an unwillingness or inability to take responsibility for their information…

Use Your Earbud’s Media Controls on Your Laptop With This Useful Dongle

[David] sends in his very nicely designed “Thumpware Media Controller” that lets your mobile phone headphones control the media playback on your PC. We realize that some PCs have support for the extra pins on cellphone earbuds, but at least some of us have experienced the frustration (however small) of habitually reaching up to touch…

We interrupt Black Friday for the best Singles Day 2019 deals available now – CNET

Wondering why Veterans Day sales are suddenly being called Singles Day sales? It’s all about online retailers trying to Americanize China’s biggest shopping day of the year. …read more Source:: CNet

Python Finally Overtakes Java on GitHub

“The hit programming language Python has climbed over once-dominant Java to become the second most popular language on Microsoft-owned open-source code-sharing site GitHub,” reports ZDNet: Python now outranks Java based on the number of repository contributors, and by that metric Python is now second only to JavaScript, which has been in top spot since 2014,…

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AI Cracks Centuries-Old ‘Three Body Problem’ In Under a Second

Long-time Slashdot reader taiwanjohn shared this article from Live Science: The mind-bending calculations required to predict how three heavenly bodies orbit each other have baffled physicists since the time of Sir Isaac Newton. Now artificial intelligence (A.I.) has shown that it can solve the problem in a fraction of the time required by previous approaches….

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