“The news just keeps getting worse for Terminator: Dark Fate,” reports CinemaBlend:

It had a disappointing opening last week and a sharp drop in its second weekend at the box office. It also had the worst Friday-to-Friday drop of any other Terminator sequel in the franchise… According to Forbes, it made only $2.8 million on Friday, November 8, marking a 73% drop from opening day on November 1…

[A]t this point, Terminator: Dark Fate is only expected to make just over $10 million this weekend, which would be a drop of 65% from last weekend. That is pretty big considering Dark Fate only started with a $29 million opening weekend. To go back to Terminator Salvation, that movie opened to $42.5 million 10 years ago, so even a slightly bigger week-to-week percentage drop gave it more money than Dark Fate…

Terminator: Dark Fate cost between $185-$195 million to make, not including marketing costs. According to Deadline, the movie will have to make $470 million worldwide to break even. If it were making a killing at the international box office, that might happen. But it’s not exactly crushing overseas either. Going into this second weekend, the film was only at $135 million worldwide, with $94M of that from the foreign box office. That’s a lot more than domestic, but the addition of this weekend’s numbers, and whatever comes next week and beyond, probably won’t be enough to hit that break even point… [E]ven if you too think you know where James Cameron was going with his Terminator trilogy plans after Dark Fate, it’s unlikely now that those plans will see the light of day.

Forbes calls it “a sign that making a better sequel couldn’t save a franchise for which general audiences stopped caring decades ago… [I]t’s an example of the studios looking at the threat posed by video-on-demand and streaming and giving theatrical audiences exactly what they don’t want.”

Meanwhile, they write, the movie Joker has become the most profitable comic book movie of all time, earning $958.7 million worldwide on a budget of just $62.5 million.

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