Day: December 1, 2019

Public Libraries Drop Overdue Book Fines To Alleviate Inequity

The San Diego Public Library system just wiped out overdue fines for 130,000 people. It’s part of a growing trend, reports NPR: The changes were enacted after a city study revealed that nearly half of the library’s patrons whose accounts were blocked as a result of late fees lived in two of the city’s poorest…

Google reportedly back in EU’s antitrust crosshairs – CNET

European regulators want to know how and why the company collects data, according to Reuters. …read more Source:: CNet

Best Cyber Monday PS4 deals 2019: Save $100 on these game bundles – CNET

No need to wait for Cyber Monday — these PlayStation 4 deals on new games and console bundles are available now. …read more Source:: CNet

A STM32F4 Based Arduino in the Feather Form Factor

[minh7a6] loves the Adafruit Feather, but sees some room for improvement. First is the matter of 5V tolerance. While just about everything is available in a 3.3v range these days, sometimes it’s just nice not to have to care. The main controller on the Feather is plenty powerful, but its intolerant pins just wouldn’t do…

Best Cyber Monday 2019 game console deals: PS4, Xbox bundles, Nintendo Switch and more – CNET

Check out these Cyber Monday deals on the best game console bundles and new games on sale right now. …read more Source:: CNet

Can We Save Coral Reefs Using Underwater Loudspeakers?

“The desperate search for ways to help the world’s coral reefs rebound from the devastating effects of climate change has given rise to some radical solutions,” reports the Washington Post. There’s coral “nurseries” in the Caribbean, while Hawaiian scientists are trying to breed a new and more resilient type of coral. But at least one…

Best Cyber Monday 2019 Nintendo Switch deals: $25 off Switch Lite at Amazon, Mario Kart bundle and more – CNET

Get the Mario Kart bundle for $300 or a Switch Lite for $25 off. Plus: $20 off Joy-Cons! …read more Source:: CNet

Cyber Monday 2019: Top Best Buy deals

The best laptop, desktop, and tablet PC deals from Best Buy for Cyber Monday 2019. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Remembering The Home Computer Christmas Wars of 1983

“1983 had seen an explosion of home computer models of varying capabilities and at various price-points,” remembers the vintage computing site Paleotronic, looking back at the historic tech battle between Commodore, Texas Instruments, and eventually Coleco. Slashdot reader beaverdownunder shares the site’s fond remembrance of the days when “The question on everyone’s minds was not…

Cyber Monday 2019: Best deals so far on TVs, speakers, game consoles and more (just updated) – CNET

Cyber Monday hasn’t even officially started yet, and the deals on iPads, Amazon devices, laptops and more are already rolling in. …read more Source:: CNet