Day: January 4, 2020

Dating Sunday: Tips for making the most of online dating’s busiest day – CNET

On platforms like Match, Bumble and Zoosk, this weekend is expected to bring a dating stampede. Make it work for you. …read more Source:: CNet

Will Australia’s Wildfires Change the Country Forever?

Australia’s wildfires have already burned at least 12 million acres, reports NBC News, with more than 100 blazes still active. “And the season has yet to reach its peak.” The ability of animals to recover from Australia’s wildfires is also a concern. Scientists are estimating that more than half a billion animals have already died…

Datacenter UPS Heads Home for Off-Grid Power Solution

The news sites seem never to be without stories of Elon Musk and his latest ventures, be they rapid transit tube tubes in partial vacuum, space flight, or even personal not-a-flamethrowers. Famous for electric vehicles, Musks’s Tesla also has a line of solar products and offers the Powerwall home battery power system. These are tantalizing…

Starbucks Devs Leave API Key in GitHub Public Repo

“One misstep from developers at Starbucks left exposed an API key that could be used by an attacker to access internal systems and manipulate the list of authorized users,” reports Bleeping Computer: Vulnerability hunter Vinoth Kumar reported the oversight on October 17 and close to three weeks later Starbucks responded it demonstrated “significant information disclosure”…

Give your Aston Martin a friend with a special-edition Airbus helicopter – Roadshow

Aston Martin designed four exterior and interior themes for this chopper. …read more Source:: CNet

‘Police Tracked a Terror Suspect on WhatsApp — Until His Phone Went Dark After a Warning From Facebook’

“A team of European law-enforcement officials was hot on the trail of a potential terror plot in October, fearing an attack during Christmas season, when their keyhole into a suspect’s phone went dark,” reports the Wall Street Journal: WhatsApp, Facebook Inc.’s popular messaging tool, had just notified about 1,400 users — among them the suspected…

The Arlo Ultra 4K wireless indoor/outdoor security camera is $120 off – CNET

This advanced camera has auto-zooming, automatic object detection and a broad 180-degree field of view. …read more Source:: CNet

Should Coal Miners Learn To Code?

During a campaign event on Monday, U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden “suggested coal miners could simply learn to code to transition to ‘jobs of the future,’” reports Newsweek: “Anybody who can go down 300 to 3,000 feet in a mine, sure in hell can learn to program as well, but we don’t think of it…

Upgrade to a Dell 27-inch LED QHD G-Sync monitor for $300 – CNET

Usually $600, this model is even cheaper than its smaller 24-inch cousin. …read more Source:: CNet

Altair 8800 Again Project

[Dirk] posted a video (you can see below) titled, “Mystery Retro Project Start.” That turned out to be the first of a multipart series on his Altair 8800 Again simulator. The front panel appears to be laser cut and in some future video episodes, we expect to see him simulate the CPU with a Teensy….