Day: January 12, 2020

Best 55-inch TVs for 2020 – CNET

They’re like 65-inch TVs, only smaller. …read more Source:: CNet

Equifax’s Stock Rose More Than 50% In 2019

“There’s still time to file a claim for a share of the $425 million that Equifax agreed to cough up after hosing almost half of the country in its massive data breach a few years ago,” writes a Pennyslvania newspaper columnist, pointing victims to “But unless you can prove you were an identity theft…

Leaked photos confirm next Samsung flagship phone to be called Galaxy S20 – CNET

Electronics giant is skipping a bunch of brand numbers following Galaxy S10. …read more Source:: CNet

DIY Ionizer Clears the Air on a Budget

Have you ever had a good, deep breath of the air near a waterfall, or perhaps after a thunderstorm? That unmistakably fresh smell is due to ionized air, specifically negative ions, and many are the claims concerning their health benefits. A minor industry has sprung up to capitalize on the interest in ionized air, and…

Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Service Is Becoming More Popular Than Amazon’s AWS At Big Companies

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has been focusing the company on cloud services — and CNBC reports on the results: A Goldman Sachs survey of technology executives at large companies last month showed that Microsoft remained the most popular supplier of public cloud services, even as Amazon leads the market overall in terms of revenue. Goldman…

TCL SOCL 500TWS wireless earbuds hands-on: High end specifications and decent performance for $80

Wireless earbuds are becoming the standard for enjoying audio content from your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. TCL released an affordable option that may not have the sleekest design, yet performs well. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Thoughts on Our Possible Future Without Work

There’s a new book called A World Without Work by economics scholar/former government policy adviser Daniel Susskind. The Guardian succinctly summarizes its prognostications for the future: It used to be argued that workers who lost their low-skilled jobs should retrain for more challenging roles, but what happens when the robots, or drones, or driverless cars,…

CES 2020 wrap-up, Vantage V updates, mobile minimalism (MobileTechRoundup show #490)

Kevin is back from CES and had plenty to share related to health tech, Samsung and TCL phones, and plenty of Chromebook news. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Are We Teaching Engineers the Wrong Way to Think?

Tech columnist Chris Matyszczyk summarizes the argument of four researchers who are warning about the perils of pure engineer thought: They write, politely: “Engineers enter the workforce with important analysis skills, but may struggle to ‘think outside the box’ when it comes to creative problem-solving.” The academics blame the way engineers are educated. They explain…

Awakening A Dragon From Its Slumber

For all the retrocomputing fun and games we encounter in our community, there are a few classic microcomputers that rarely receive any attention. Usually this is because they didn’t sell well and not many have survived, or were simply underwhelming machines that haven’t gathered a huge following today. One that arguably falls within both camps…